Philippe Vandenberg

Photo: Philippe Vandenberg

Philippe Vandenberg is among the most significant Belgian artists of the last forty years. His emergence in the 1980s as an uncompromising painter of note coincided with a wider change in attitude towards representational painting and the rise of a new Neo-Expressionist style across Europe and the United States. In varying guises, Vandenberg’s work addresses the harsh and absurd paradoxes that lie at the heart of the human experience: the dual impulse to create and destroy, the co-existence of love and hate, beauty and ugliness, innocence and guilt.

The corporeal textures and darkly vivid mark-making of Vandenberg’s early work took inspiration from Old Masters, Bosch, Rembrandt and Goya, before a brightly coloured, cartoonish and distinctly political body of work came to the fore in the paintings at the end of the decade. Ever restless, his style would go through several further revisions and overthrows in the 1990s and 2000s as the work became simultaneously more personal yet pre-occupied above all with examining in unsparing fashion the human condition.

Throughout his career, Vandenberg’s iconography drew on symbols from an immense literature of art history, biblical stories, myths and contemporary events. Crucifixes, ladders, boats, tunnels and bridges were leitmotifs for a way for seeing the world as a cyclical journey without end. Towards the end of his life, his work became increasingly monochromatic and the manic energy of the competing symbols was replaced simply with a lexicon of phrases he would scrawl in capitals on the surface of the paintings and drawings. They function as mantras to be declared and observed – “Kill All Of Them And Dance”, “Un Grand Amour Suffit” (A Big Love Is Enough), “Un Grand Amour Ne Suffit” (A Big Love is Not Enough), “Un Homme Ca Dit Rien Ca Peint” (A Man he says nothing, he paints).

Vandenberg was a prolific draughtsman and his sketchbooks are filled with page after page of beautifully articulated drawings. Often one book would contain a series of around 50 drawings, each of which was a variation on a theme, as though the process was an exercise to be probed in the pursuit of authentic expression.


Born Ghent, Belgium, 1952


Studied Literature and Art History  at the University of Ghent, 1970 – 1972
Studied Painting at the 
Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, 1972 – 1976

Died Brussels, Belgium, 2009

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 Centre Pasqu'art, 'Kamikaze', Biel, Switzerland (Travelling Exhibition)
NICC, ‘Vitrine: Philippe Vandenberg’, Brussels, Belgium

2018 Kunsthalle Hamburg, 'Kamikaze', Hamburg, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)

2017 Hauser & Wirth, 'Philippe Vandenberg. Curated by Anthony Huberman', New York NY
Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, 'Live or Die. Philippe Vandenberg and Bruce Nauman', Antwerp, Belgium
Wolfsberg, 'Philippe Vandenberg. Red Hours', Ermatingen, Switzerland

2016 Drawing Room, 'Philippe Vandenberg. Crossing the Circle', London, England
Gallery Baton, 'Philippe Vandenberg. Abstract Works', Seoul, Korea

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2012 De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art, 'Philippe Vandenberg & Berlinde De Bruyckere. Innocence is precisely: never to avoid the worst', Tilburg, Netherlands (Travelling Exhibition)
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Museum of Modern Art, 'Homage to Philippe Vandenberg', Ostend, Belgium
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Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Musée de Grenoble, ‘Souvenirs de voyage. La collection Antoine de Galbert’, Grenoble, France
M HKA, Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, ‘Salon de Peinture’
Antwerp, Belgium
De Warande, ‘The Gulf Between’, Turnhout, Belgium

2018 Gallery Sofie Van de Velde and PLUS-ONE Gallery, 'Lust, Laughter & Liquor', Antwerp, Belgium
De Warande, 'The Golden Pavilion', Turnhout, Belgium

2017 Hauser & Wirth Zürich, 'Salon', Zürich, Switzerland
Geukens & De Vil, 'Ecce Homo', Antwerp, Belgium
Unit One Gallery, 'Beyond', London, England
mariondecannière, 'Fear in a Handful of Dust', Antwerp, Belgium
The Royal Galleries, 'The Wild West', Ostend, Belgium
de Warande, 'The Wild West', Turnhout, Belgium
Hamburger Kunsthalle, 'Art & Alphabet', Hamburg, Germany

2016 Menin Road/Ypernstrasse, 'Menin Road/Ypernstrasse. Landscape, Psyche & Form', Ypres, Belgium
CENTRALE for contemporary art, contemporary art centre of the City of Brussels, 'Connected', Brussels, Belgium

2015 Museum Dr. Guislain, 'Shame', Ghent, Belgium
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, 'The Importance of Being…', Buenos Aires, Argentina (Travelling Exhibition)
Kasteeldomein De Lovie, 'The Smell of War', Poperinge, Belgium
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 'The Importance of Being…', Havana, Cuba (Travelling Exhibition)
Deitchtorhallen, 'Sammlung Falckenberg', Hamburg, Germany
Roger Raveelmuseum, 'Main d’oeuvre', Machelen-aan-de-Leie, Belgium

2014 La Maison Rouge, 'Le mur – la collection Antoine de Galbert', Paris, France
Mu.ZEE, 'The Sea – Salut d'honneur Jan Hoet', Oostend, Belgium
Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, 'Biennale of painting', Deurle, Belgium
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Institut de Carton vzw, 'Forcefield – A Drawing Show', Brussels, Belgium

2013 M – Museum, 'The Beauty of Suffering', Leuven, Belgium
Cultuurcentrum de Werft, 'Middle Gate Geel 13', Geel, Belgium
Roger Raveel Museum, 'De Namlooze Vorm', Deinze, Belgium
Centrale for Contemporary Art, ' Baza(a)r Belg(i)e', Brussels, Belgium
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