The Guardian

Lanre Bakare

13 February 2024

Black British artists can no longer be ignored, says sculptor Thomas J Price

‘The gates opened up so wide that the breadth and depth of British culture was seen and you can’t close that up again. It can’t go back to where it was.'
Thomas J Price. Photo: Ollie Adegboye.

AnOther Magazine

Violet Conroy

5 February 2024

Inside the Exhibition Spotlighting Britain’s Artists of Tomorrow

‘All the artists in the show have real conceptual gravitas to their works, but they also execute it with a skill...And [they] are looking inwards and self-reflecting to pose and answer questions.’
Installation View, 'Present Tense' at Hauser & Wirth Somerset


Carol Armstrong

1 February 2024

Not Down in Any Map

'The vivid pinkness of Gallagher’s two most recent works suggests a kind of antithesis to the monochrome blackness of the black paintings.'
Ellen Gallagher, Fast-Fish and Loose-Fish (detail), 2023

Artnet News

Emily Steer

1 February 2024

‘I Follow That Gut Feeling’: Uman’s Kaleidoscopic Paintings Emerge From Her Dreams

‘Uman’s paintings are intense, playful, and powerfully consuming. [...] her densely packed shapes and forms jostle with one another on the canvas, almost moving before the viewer’s eyes.'
Uman Studio Portrait, 2023. Photo: Luigi Cazzaniga.

Artnet News

Devorah Lauter

30 January 2024

Hélène Delprat ‘Disappeared’ from the Art World 30 Years Ago. Now, She’s Back With a Fervor

‘I like to look for what you don’t see right’s not about slapping down images. It’s about waiting for them to come.'
Hélène Delprat. Photo by Emir Erald.


Reena Devi

26 January 2024

Hauser & Wirth’s New Gallery in Hong Kong Proves the Art Capital Isn’t Going Anywhere

"Hong Kong’s flourishing art scene has long attracted artists, collectors, curators, and enthusiasts from around the world. It is an established and vibrant art and cultural hub, so this relocation reaffirms our commitment not only in Hong Kong but also to the wider region."
Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong

The New York Times

Nancy Princenthal

24 January 2024

Cindy Sherman: Woman of an Uncertain Age

'There are now over 600 models of Sherman’s transformations to choose from. Each asks that we avoid confusing the dancer with the dance. The newest ones confirm that she’s still running as fast as she can.'
Sherman, “Untitled #652,” 2023. One of her new portraits of women assembled digitally from fragmentary parts, at Hauser & Wirth. While “fooling around” with a body of photographs from 2010 — in color, as usual — she decided to flip them to black and white. It clicked.Credit...via Cindy Sherman and Hauser & Wirth


Joanne Shurvell

23 January 2024

6 Of The Best London Painting Exhibitions To See In Winter 2024

‘I think everything I do now is a self-portrait in different ways. Even my abstract paintings, mythical in nature, are self-portraits. I love drama, and so I depict myself with several mouths, and several eyes, just like a creature.’
Uman at Hauser & Wirth

Harper's Bazaar Italia

Riccardo Conti

13 January 2024

Jewelry Designed by Fausto Melotti on Display in Zurich

‘Here then, the fascinating exhibition devoted to the designs created by sculptor Fausto Melotti at the Zurich branch of the Hauser & Wirth gallery, in collaboration with the Melotti Foundation, is an excellent opportunity to discover a perhaps lesser-known side of the great Italian artist's career.’


Amy Serafin

5 January 2024

Hauser & Wirth Paris by Laplace is a winning restoration in the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2024

'Removing a mezzanine, non-supporting walls, and a central staircase, Laplace created a wow-worthy six-metre-high ground-floor exhibition space.'
Exterior of Hauser & Wirth Paris. ‘Henry Taylor. FROM SUGAR TO SHIT,’ is on view through 7 January 2024 © Henry Taylor. Photo: Nicolas Brasseur

W Magazine

Michael Slenske

5 December 2023

Charles Gaines Interrogates the Nature of Meaning

‘My interest in doing this is to show the role that structures play in how things acquire meaning. I am making a point that art is not based upon your subjectivity.’
Portrait of Charles Gaines, 2022. © Charles Gaines. Photo: Frederick Nilson.


Harmon Siegel

1 December 2023

Ed Clark

'Clark fortified his work with an unusual alloy of sensuous plenitude and analytic precision.'
Ed Clark, Homage to the Sands of Springtime, 2009. © The Estate of Ed Clark. Photo: Thomas Barratt.

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