Berlinde De Bruyckere

Working with casts made of wax, animal skins, hair, textiles, metal and wood, Berlinde De Bruyckere renders haunting distortions of organic forms. The vulnerability and fragility of man, the suffering body—both human and animal—and the overwhelming power of nature are some of the core motifs of De Bruyckere’s oeuvre.

Born in Ghent, Belgium in 1964, where she currently lives and works, De Bruyckere is profoundly influenced by traditions of the Flemish Renaissance. Drawing from the legacies of the European Old Masters and Christian iconography, as well as mythology and cultural lore, De Bruyckere layers existing histories with new narratives suggested by current events to create a psychological terrain of pathos, tenderness and unease. The dualities of love and suffering, danger and protection, life and death and the human need for understanding are the universal themes De Bruyckere has been dealing with since the beginning of her career. ‘I want to show how helpless a body can be,’ De Bruyckere has said. ‘Which is nothing you have to be afraid of—it can be something beautiful.’

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Berlinde De Bruyckere


Print Biography
Ghent, Belgium, 1964
Lives and works in Ghent, Belgium

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. A simple prophecy', Zurich, Switzerland
La Commanderie de Peyrassol, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Flassans-sur-Issole, France
Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. PEL / Becoming the figure', Remagen, Germany
MO.CO. Montpellier Contemporain, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Plunder / Ekphrasis', Montpellier, France
Geleria Pedro Cera, 'No Life Lost – After Humanity', Lisbon, Portugal
Villa Wessel, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Iserlohn, Germany
Bonnefanten Museum, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Engelenkeel', Maastricht, The Netherlands
Middelheimmuseum, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Antwerp, Belgium
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. ALETHEIA', Turin, Italy
Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Boissy-le-Châtel, France
Galleria Continua, 'A single bed, a single room', San Gimignano, Italy
Museum Hof van Busleyden, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. It almost seemed a lily', Mechelen, Belgium
Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Stages & Tales', Bruton, Somerset, UK
Sara Hildén Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
Kunsthal Aarhus, 'Embalmed', Aarhus, Denmark
National Gallery of Iceland, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Reykjavik, Iceland
Leopold Museum, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Suture', Vienna, Austria
Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. No Life Lost', New York NY
Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Penthesilea', Strasbourg, France
Kunsthaus Bregenz, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. The Embalmer', Bregenz, Austria (Travelling Exhibition)
Kunstraum Dornbirn, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. The Embalmer ', Dornbirn, Austria (Travelling Exhibition)
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', The Hague, The Netherlands
Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', London, UK
S.M.A.K., 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Sculptures & Drawings 2000 – 2014', Ghent, Belgium
La Maison Rouge, 'Philippe Vandenberg & Berlinde De Bruyckere. Il me faut tout oublier', Paris, France
La Biennale di Venezia, Belgian Pavilion, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Kreupelhout – Cripplewood', Venice, Italy
Kunsthaus Graz, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. In the Flesh', Graz, Austria
Galleria Continua, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Beijing, China
Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Three Sculptures', Zurich, Switzerland
Southwood Garden, St James's Church, 'Hauser & Wirth Outdoor Sculpture. Berlinde De Bruyckere', London, UK
De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art, 'Philippe Vandenberg & Berlinde De Bruyckere. Innocence is precisely: never to avoid the worst', Tilburg, The Netherlands
Arter, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Yara – The Wound', Istanbul, Turkey
ACCA Australian Centre for Contemporary Arts, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. We are all Flesh', Melbourne, Australia
Kunstmuseum Bern, 'Mysterium Leib. Berlinde De Bruyckere im Dialog mit Cranach und Pasolini', Bern, Switzerland (Travelling Exhibition)
DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Montreal, Canada
Kunstmuseum Moritzburg, 'Mysterium Leib. Berlinde De Bruyckere im Dialog mit Cranach und Pasolini', Halle, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Into One-Another. To P.P.P.', New York NY
Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, 'Une escapade d'art contemporain en Seine-et-Marne', Boissy-le-Chatel, France
Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, 'In-finitum', Boissy-le-Chatel, France
Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Zurich, Switzerland
Galleria Continua, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere - Elie', San Gimignano, Italy
Libraire St. Hubert, 'Portfolio: afb. L'Image', Brussels, Belgium
Spedale di Santa Fina, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere in dialogue with Benedetto da Maiano (1442 - 1497)', San Gimignano, Italy
Hauser & Wirth and P. & D. Colnaghi, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere, Luca Giordano. We Are All Flesh', London, UK
Espace Claude Berri, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Paris, France
Yvon Lambert, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', New York NY
Galleria Continua, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', San Gimignano, Italy
Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Der Schmerzensmann', Klagenfurt, Austria
Kunstmuseum Luzern, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Lucerne, Switzerland
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Schmerzensmann V', Ghent, Belgium
Hauser & Wirth, 'Schmerzensmann', London, UK
Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 'Under Cover - aus dem Verborgenen. Berlinde De Bruyckere and Martin Honert', Dusseldorf, Germany
La Maison Rouge, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere. Eén', Paris, France (Travelling Exhibition)
De Pont Foundation for Contemporary Art, 'Eén', Tilburg, Netherlands (Travelling Exhibition)
Hauser & Wirth, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Zurich, Switzerland
Galleria Continua, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', San Gimignano, Italy
Galerie CD Christine De Ketelaere, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Tielt, Belgium
Caermersklooster Provinciaal Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Ghent, Belgium
Galleria Continua, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', San Gimignano, Italy
Köln Skulptur- Art Cologne, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Cologne, Germany
Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen, 'en alles is aanéén-genaaid', Antwerp, Belgium
Maison de quartier de Rosendael Centre, 'C. Reybroeck, 1997', Dunkirk, France
de Brakke Grond, 'Aanéén-gegroeid', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Park ter Beuken, 'POTEN, poten zullen bomen worden', Lokeren, Belgium
In Flanders Fields Museum, 'In Flanders Fields', Leper, Belgium
De Pont Foundation for Contemporary Art, 'Aanéén-genaaid', Tilburg, The Netherlands
Campo-Santo, 'Tweeluik 98', Ghent, Belgium / Sint-Amandsberg, Belgium
Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, 'De Slaapzaal', Diepenheim, The Netherlands
Vrienden van het PMMK, 'Tekeningen 1995-96', Oostende, Belgium
Sint-Lucaspassage, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Antwerp, Belgium
Openluchtmuseum voor Beeldhouwkunst Middelheim, 'Onschuld kan een hel zijn', Antwerp, Belgium
Das Belgische Haus, 'Dialo(o)g II (with Federico Fusi)', Keulen, Germany
The Corcoran Gallery of Art, 'Washington Velvets (two from Flanders)', Washington DC
Galerie Brinkman, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Galerie Joost Declercq, 'Huis', Ghent, Belgium
Galerie van de Academie, Kasteel Blauwendael, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Waasmunster, Belgium
Museo Dhondt-Dhaenens, 'Reflecting on Confinement and Death', Deurle, Belgium
Galerie S. & H. de Buck, Ghent, Belgium
Galerie Fred Lanzenberg, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere', Brussels, Belgium
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Selected Group Exhibitions

Kunst Palast, 'Death and the Devil. The Fascination with Horror', Düsseldorf, Germany
Palazzo Strozzi / Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, 'Reaching For the Stars', Florence, Italy
KMSKA, 'The Cleanest Feeling', Antwerp, Belgium
Le Musée Maillol, 'Hyperréalisme. Ceci n'est pas un corps', Paris, France
Le Centquatre-Paris, 'Venez jouer avec l’art! ', Paris, France
Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, 'Strange. Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Collection', Seville, Spain
White Cube, 'Sweet Lust', Paris, France
Ghent University Museum, 'PHALLUS', Ghent, Belgium
Knust Kunz, 'The Material Gaze', Knokke, Belgium
Hauser & Wirth, 'Bodily Abstractions / Fragmented Anatomies', Monaco
Nest, Department Fine Arts, Zurich University, 'Animals We Are Ourselves', Zurich, Switzerland
The Drawing Center, 'Ways of Seeing. Three Takes on the Jack-Shear Drawing Collection', New York NY
Frankfurter Kunstverein, 'The Intelligence of Plants', Frankfurt, Germany
Cultuurcentrum Mechelen, 'Het Nieuwe Geniaal', Mechelen, Belgium
Eye Filmmuseum, 'All About Theatre About Film', Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Museum Het Valkhof, 'Rettet den Wald', Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Diözese Innsbruck, 'Gebt Mir Bilder!', Innsbruck, Austria
The Roberts Institute of Art / Sheffield Museums, Millennium Gallery, 'Earthbound. Contemporary Landscape from the Roberts Institute of Art', Sheffield, UK
Galleria Continua, 'Truc à Faire', Paris, France
Hauser & Wirth, 'Seeing Touch', St. Moritz, Switzerland
LWL, Museum für Kunst und Kultur, 'Passions and Fervour. The Art of Powerful Emotions', Münster, Germany
Voorlinden, 'Rendez - Vous', Wassenaar, Netherlands
Sara Hildén Art Museum, 'Still Still Life', Tampere, Finland
Galleria Continua, 'EVERGREEN I. Berlinde De Bruyckere in Dialogue with Old Masters and Salvatore Scarpitta', San Gimignano, Italy
XNL Piacenza Contemporanea, 'La rivoluzione siamo noi. Collezionismo italiano contemporaneo / We are the Revolution. Contemporary Italian Collecting', Piacenza, Italy
Sara Hildén Art Museum, 'Still Still Life', Tampere, Finland
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, 'Sublimi Anatomie', Rome, Italy
TANK Shangai, 'Convex/Concave. Belgian Contemporary Art', Shanghai, China
Gemeente Museum, 'Top Floor. Artists Choose From Our Collection', The Hague, The Netherlands
La Boverie, 'Hyperrealism Sculpture \ Ceci n'est pas un corps', Liège, France
Kunsthalle Bremen, 'Icons. Adoration and Worship', Bremen, Germany
S.M.A.K, 'The Collection (1), Highlights for the future', Ghent, Belgium
PARCUM Museum for Religious Art, 'This is not a collection', Heverlee, Belgium
Musée de Grenoble, 'Souvenirs de voyage. La collection Antoine de Galbert', Grenoble, France
Rijksmuseum Twenthe,'The Naked Truth', Enschede, The Netherlands
Centre Pompidou-Metz, 'Opéra Monde. The quest of a total work of art', Metz, France
Garage, 'The House Where You Live Forever', Rotterdam, The Netherlands
L.A.C., 'Genese', Narbonne, France
National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, 'Reshaped Reality. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Sculpture', Taipei, Taiwan
German Bundestag, Reichstag building, 'Not Then, Not Now, Not Ever!' Berlin, Germany
Touchstones, 'Herstory. Women Artists from the Collection of Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo', Rochdale, UK
Kerlin Gallery, 'Face to Face', Dublin, Ireland
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, 'Anima Mundi', Rotterdam, Netherlands
HVCCA Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, 'Death is Irrelevant', Peekskill NY
Kunsthalle Tübingen, 'Almost Alive. Hyperrealistic Sculpture', Tübingen, Germany
Kunsthal Rotterdam, 'Hyperrealisme Sculptuur', Rotterdam, Netherlands
Manifesta 12, Collateral Events, Chiesa di Santa Venera Sulle Mura Della Pace, Palermo, Italy
M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, 'Sanguine | Bloedrood. Luc Tuymans on Baroque', Antwerp, Belgium
Musée Rolin, 'Art Autun', Autun, France
Kunsthaus Graz, 'Glaube Liebe Hoffnung \ Faith Love Hope', Graz, Austria
Musée des Beaux Arts de Rennes, 'Debout! The Exhibition of the Pinault Collection', Rennes, France
Church of San Giuseppe delle Scalze, 'Evidence of Contemporary Disquiet', Naples, Italy
MET The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 'Like Life. Sculpture, Color and the Body (1300-Now)', New York NY
DIVA. Museum voor Edelsmeedkunst, juwelen en diamant, 'De Wonderkamer van Axel Vervoordt', Antwerp, Belgium
De Warande, 'The Golden Pavilion', Turnhout, Belgium
Whitechapel Gallery, 'Bumped Bodies', London, UK
Hauser & Wirth, 'Salon', Zurich, Switzerland
Geukens & De Vil, 'Ecce Homo', Antwerp, Belgium
National Gallery of Australia, 'Hyper Real’, Canberra, Australia
Mu.Zee, 'Het Vlot-Kunst is (niet) eenzaam', Oostende, Belgium
Le Centquarte Paris, 'Continua Spheres ENSEMBLE', Paris, France
MoMu, 'Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia', Antwerp, Belgium
MAS, 'Schitterend Verlangen', Antwerp, Belgium
Trondheim Kunstmuseum, 'If on Trondheim's Night a Traveller…', Trondheim, Norway
Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst, 'Proof of Life', Bremen, Germany
Zachęta National Gallery of Art, 'Beyond The Pleasure Principle. Affective Operations in Art', Warsaw, Poland
Marta Herford, 'The Inner Skin. Art and Shame', Herford, Germany
Des Moines Art Center, 'Ruptures', Des Moines IA
Musée de Flandre, 'Fur and Feathers', Cassel, France
Museum Kunstpalast, 'Cranach. Meister – Marke – Moderne', Dusseldorf, Germany
Palazzo Fortuny, 'Intuition', Venice, Italy
CBK Zeeland, 'Façade 2017. Face your freedom', Middelburg, Netherlands
Art Basel, 'Parcours 2017', Basel, Switzerland
15th Istanbul Biennial, 'A Good Neighbour', Istanbul, Turkey
Collection Lambert, 'J’ Avignon. The artists and the Collection Lambert', Avignon, France
Galleria Continua, Les Moulins, 'And what, for example, am I now seeing (Autodisporsi)?', Boissy-le-Châtel, France
ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst, 'Gosh! Is It Alive?', Ishoj, Denmark
MONA Museum of Old and New Art, 'On the Origin of Art', Hobart, Australia
Marta Herford, 'Die innere Haut – Kunst und Scham', Herford, Germany
Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, 'Time is out if Joint', Rome, Italy
Marian Goodman Gallery, 'Animality', London, UK
Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, 'Escultura hiperrealista 1973 – 2016', Bilbao, Spain (Travelling Exhibition)
Kunstmuseum Bern, 'What Remains. The World of Cesare Lucchini', Bern, Switzerland
Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart, 'Capital. Debt – Territory – Utopia', Berlin, Germany
San Antonio Museum of Art, 'In the Dust of this Planet', San Antonio TX
EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, 'In Search of the Present', Espoo, Finland
York Art Gallery, 'Flesh', York, UK
Lehmbruck Museum, 'On Surface. An der Oberfläche. The Surface as Carrier of Meaning in 21st Century Sculpture', Duisburg, Germany
Pinchuk Art Centre, 'Loss, in memory of Babi Yar', Kiev, Ukraine
Stiftung Museum Kunstpalast, 'Behind the curtain. Concealment and Revelation since the Renaissance', Dusseldorf, Germany
O.L. Vrouwekerk, 'Krasj 3', Lieferine, Belgium
Hof van Busleyden, 'Zot Geweld / Dwaze Maagden', Mechelen, Belgium
Kunstcentrum Ten Boogaerde, 'Les Pierres Sauvages', Koksijde, Belgium
The Righi Collection at Palazzo Fortuny, 'Quand fondra la neige où ira le blanc?', Venice, Italy
MADmusée at Théâtre de Liège, 'Collection', Liège, Belgium
Städtische Museen Jena, 'Sammlung Opitz-Hoffmann', Jena, Germany
Rommelaerecomplex, 'Post Mortem', Ghent, Belgium
Galerie Daniel Templon, 'La Belgique', Paris, France
K21 Ständehaus, Stiftung Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, 'The Problem of God', Dusseldorf, Germany
Museu de Arte Moderna, 'The Importance of Being…', Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Travelling Exhibition)
Zentrum Paul Klee, 'About Trees', Berne, Switzerland
Galleria Continua, Le Centquatre Paris 'Follia Continua: Les 25 ans de Galleria Continua', Paris, France
Galerie Rudolfinum, 'Flaesh', Prague, Czech Republic
Museum Beelden aan Zee, 'Vormidable. Contemporary Flemish Sculpture', The Hague, Netherlands
Galerie Laurent Godin, 'Substance', Paris, France
TextielMuseum, 'Under the Skin', Tilburg, Netherlands
Museum Dr. Guislain, 'Schaamte/Honte', Ghent Belgium
Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, 'The Importance of Being…', Buenos Aires, Argentina (Travelling Exhibition)
Palazzo Fortuny, 'Proportio', Venice, Italy
MACRO Museo d’arte contemporanea Roma, 'I Belgi. Barbari e Poeti', Rome, Italy (Travelling Exhibition)
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 'The Importance of Being...', Havana, Cuba (Travelling Exhibition)
Espace Vanderborght, 'I Belgi. Barbari e Poeti', Brussels, Belgium (Travelling Exhibition)
Arp Museum, 'Leibhaftig / In the Flesh', Remagen, Germany
Yoshii Gallery, 'Group Show 2015', New York NY
Jozsa Gallery, 'Les yeux mi-clos', Brussels, Belgium
Berlin Gallery Weekend, 'Ngorongoro', Berlin, Germany
Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle, 'In Search of Meaning', Zwolle, The Netherlands
MART Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, 'The war which is coming is not the first one. Great War 1914 – 2014', Rovereto, Italy
Nevada Museum of Art, 'Late Harvest', Reno NV
Collection Lambert en Avignon, 'La disparition des lucioles', Avignon, France
Kulturhuset, 'Barockt', Stockholm, Sweden
Kunstkammer Rau. Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, 'Leibhaftig. Der menschliche Körper zwischen Lust und Schmerz', Remagen, Germany
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue', Turin, Italy
Tripostal, 'Passion Secrètes', Rijsel, France
MAMCO, 'Trop Humain', Geneva, Switzerland
Frankfurter Kunstverein, 'Death is your body', Frankfurt, Germany
Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, 'Het landschap en de romantische verleiding', Diepenheim, Netherlands
FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais, 'Chassés-Croisés. Tours Et Détours Autour Du Détroit', Dunkirk, France
Tri Postal, 'Passions secrètes', Lille, France
La Maison Rouge, 'Le Mur. La collection Antoine de Galbert', Paris, France
La Maison Rouge, 'Théâtre du monde', Paris, France
Hamburger Bahnhof, 'Body Pressure. Sculpture since the 1960s', Berlin, Germany
Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, 'De Anatomische Les', The Hague, Netherlands
Le Palais des Papes and Collection Lambert en Avignon, 'Les Papesses. Louise Bourgeois, Camille Claudel, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Kiki Smith, Jana Sterbak', Avignon, France
'Kunstenfestival Watou 2013', Watou, Belgium
Centrale, 'Bazaar Belgique', Brussels, Belgium
Cultureel Centrum De Ververij, 'Touching Textiles', Ronse, Belgium
Kunsthalle Krems, 'Große Gefühle', Krems, Austria
ME Collectors Room, 'Through the Looking Glass', Berlin, Germany
Monastery of Bornem, 'De Nieuwe Gouden Eeuw \ The New Golden Age', Bornem, Belgium
Lokermise, 'Human Capsules. Eight Female Artists from the Ursula Hauser Collection', St. Gallen, Switzerland
St. Bavo Cathedrale, 'Sint Jan', Ghent, Belgium
Me Collectors Room Stiftung Olbricht, 'Wonderful – Humboldt, Krokodil & Polke, Die Olbricht Collection', Berlin, Germany
La Maison Rouge, 'Memories of the Future, The Olbricht Collection', Paris, France
Deichtorhallen Hamburg, 'Zwei Sammler. Thomas Olbricht und Harald Falckenberg', Hamburg, Germany
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, 'Collection Antoine de Galbert', Lyon, France
Palazzo Fortuny, 'TRA. Edge of Becoming', Venice, Italy
Saatchi Gallery, 'Shape of Things to Come', London, UK
Bozar, 'Venetian and Flemish Masters', Brussels, Belgium
Andrea Rosen Gallery, 'Flemish Masters, That's Life', New York NY
La Conciergerie, 'Bêtes off', Paris, France (Travelling Exhibition)
Château des Maisons, 'Bêtes off', Maisons-Laffitte, France (Travelling Exhibition)
Marianne Boesky Gallery, 'Night scented stock', New York NY
Elaine Levy Gallery, 'Family Life', Brussels, Belgium
MONA Museum of Old and New Art, 'Sex and Death', Hobart, Tasmania
S.M.A.K, 'Ensemblematic', Ghent, Belgium
MAS Museum aan de stroom, 'Masterpieces at the MAS: five centuries of images in Antwerp', Antwerp, Belgium
Centre d'art Contemporain Meymac, 'Femme objet, Femme sujet', Meymac, France
Galleria Uffizi, 'Autoritratte. Artiste di capriccioso e destrissimo ingegno ritratte per gli Uffizi', Florence, Italy
Museion Bolzano, 'Che cosa sono le nuvole? Artworks from the Enea Righi Collection', Bolzano, Italy
Kunstmuseum Luzern, 'Reference and Affinity', Lucerne, Switzerland
Barbican, 'The Surreal House', London, UK
Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, 'Languages and Experimentations. Young artists in a contemporary collection', Rovereto, Italy
Gwangju Biennale Hall, 'Gwangju Biennale 2010', Gwangju, Korea
Middelheimmuseum, 'Nieuwe monumenten', Antwerp, Belgium
Niet Normaal, 'Difference in Display', Amsterdam, Netherlands
Project Space 1646, 'Ghosts', The Hague, Netherlands
Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, 'Prometheus', Graz, Austria
Vancouver Art Gallery, 'Visceral Bodies', Vancouver, Canada
Aspen Art Museum, 'Disembodied', Aspen CO
White Cube, 'Kupferstichkabinett. Between Thought and Action', London, UK
Galerie Geukens & De Vil, 'The Power of Drawing', Antwerp, Belgium
Armand Bartos Fine Art, 'Collect With Us', New York NY
Beurs van Beurlage, 'Niet Normaal. Difference on Display', Amsterdam, Netherlands
Centre Georges Pompidou, 'Le sort probable de l'homme qui avait avalé le fantôme', Paris, France
Les Jacobins, 'Là où je vais, je sui déjà. Le Printemps de Septembre à Toulouse', Toulouse, France
'3rd MoscowBiennale of Contemporary Art', Moscow, Russia
Kunstmuseum Luzern, 'Silence, A Selection of Works from the Collection', Lucerne, Switzerland
La Calmeleterie (private residence), 'A house is not a home', Nazelles-Négron, France
Palazzo Fortuny, 'Infinitum', Venice, Italy
Compton Verney, 'Fatal Attraction: Diana and Actaeon. The forbidden Gaze', Warwickshire, UK (Travelling Exhibition)
Parrish Art Museum, 'Damaged Romanticism. A Mirror of Modern Emotion', Southampton NY (Travelling Exhibition)
MoMA, Museum of Modern Art, 'Compass in Hand', New York NY
La Conciergerie, 'Le sort probable de l’homme qui avait avalé le fantôme', Paris, France
Chelsea Art Museum, 'UN-SCR-1325', New York NY
Shangai Art Museum, 'A Story of the Image, Old and New Masters from Antwerp', Shanghai, China
National Museum of Singapore, 'A Story of the Image, Old and New Masters from Antwerp', Singapore, China
Maison de Victor Hugo, 'Les Misérables, un roman inconnu', Paris, France
Broelmuseum Kortrijk Museum voor beeldende en toegepaste kunst, 'FuturARTextiel', Kortrijk, Belgium
Kunsthaus Graz, 'Leben? Biomorphe Formen in der Skulptur', Graz, Austria
Stiftung Museum Kunst Palast, 'Diana und Aktaion. Der verbotene Blick auf die Nacktheit', Dusseldorf, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Chapelle de l'Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, 'Academia', Paris, France
Yvon Lambert, 'The Stranger', New York NY
New Museum, 'After Nature', New York NY
Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston, 'Damaged Romanticism: A Mirror of Modern Emotion', Houston TX (Travelling Exhibition)
Villa Manin Centre for Contemporary Art, 'God and Goods', Udine, Italy
Galerie Geukens & De Vil, 'Resolution 1325', Antwerp, Belgium
MARTa Herford, 'Die Hände der Kunst', Herford, Germany
Museum Küppersmühle für Moderne Kunst, 'Der Eigene Weg. Perspektiven belgischer Kunst', Duisburg, Germany
Lokaal 01, 'Aerials of sublime transscapes', Breda, Netherlands
Kasteel van Gaasbeek 'Actuele kunst in het', Gaasbeek, Belgium
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RAM, 'Kaleidoscope II', Rotterdam, Netherlands
S.M.A.K., 'The Hands of Art', Ghent, Belgium
Centre d'Art la Panera, 'Beautiful People', Lerida, Spain (Travelling Exhibition)
Moussem Festival, 'ZONDER TITEL', Antwerp, Belgium
Galleria Continua, Le Moulins, Boissy-le-Châtel, France
The Zabludowicz Collection, 'An Archaeology', London, UK
Fries Museum, 'Beautiful People', Leeuwarden, Netherlands (Travelling Exhibition)
Crac Alsace, 'Beautiful People', Altkirch, France (Travelling Exhibition)
Kunstmuseum Luzern, 'Berlinde De Bruyckere, Jenny Saville, Dan Flavin', Lucerne, Switzerland
Begijnhofkerk & CC de Bogaard, 'Should clouds be wasted and little fish - Berlinde De Bruyckere, Marilou van Lierop, Carla Zaccagnini', Sint-Truiden, Belgium
Palazzo Fortuny, 'Artempo - Where Time Becomes Art' (part of the 52nd Biennale di Venezia, 'LII Esposizione Internationale d'Arte 1997'), Venice, Italy
Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten, 'Donald Baechler, Berlinde De Bruyckere', Klagenfurt, Austria
10 Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach, 'Bodycheck', Fellbach, Germany
Hauser & Wirth and Colnaghi, 'Old School', London, UK (Travelling Exhibition)
Zwirner & Wirth New York, 'Old School', New York NY (Travelling Exhibition)
Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof, Museum für Gegenwart, 'Schmerz/ Pain', Berlin, Germany
Triennale Bovisa, 'Timer 01, Intimità/Intimacy', Milan, Italy
Art Basel 2007, Basel, Switzerland
De Kunstkas, 'Vit (A)rti', Kemzeke, Belgium
Kasteel het Nijenhuis (Museum De Fundatie), 'Shelter', Heino/Wijhe, Netherlands
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Performing Arts Projects

'Maria Vespers' (Set Design), Park Avenue Armory Program, New York NY
'Nicht Schlafen' (Set Design), Les Ballets C de la B, Alain Platel (Director), Sadler’s Wells, London, UK
'MariaVespers' (Installation), Holland Festival, Pierre Audi (Artistic Director), De Gashouder, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
'Sybille' (Performance by Romeu Runa), Hauser & Wirth, London, UK
'Nicht Schlafen' (Set Design), Les Ballets C de la B, Alain Platel (Director), Ruhr Triënnale, Bochum, Germany
'Penthesilea', (Set Design), Théâtre royal de la Monnaie / De Munt Brussels, Pierre Audi (Stage Director), Opéra national du Rhin, Strasbourg, France
‘Romeu My Deer’ (Performance by Romeu Runa), Hauser & Wirth, London, UK
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Awards and Grants

Honorary doctor of the University of Ghent
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Berlinde De Bruyckere
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3 Jul - 8 Jan 2023 , Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Bonn, Germany
Berlinde De Bruyckere
Plunder | Ekphrasis
18 Jun - 2 Oct 2022 , MO.CO., Montpellier, France

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