Roni Horn

Using drawing, photography, installation, sculpture and literature, Roni Horn’s work consistently questions and generates uncertainty to thwart closure in her work, engaging with many different concerns and materials. Important across her oeuvre is her longstanding interest to the protean nature of identity, meaning, and perception, as well as the notion of doubling; issues which continue to propel Horn’s practice.

Since the mid-1990s, Horn has been producing cast-glass sculptures. For these works, colored molten glass assumes the shape and qualities of a mold as it gradually anneals over several months. The sides and bottom of the resulting sculpture are left with the rough translucent impression of the mold in which it was cast. By stark contrast, the top surface is fire-polished and slightly bows like liquid under tension. The seductively glossy surface invites the viewer to gaze into the optically pristine interior of the sculpture, as if looking down on a body of water through an aqueous oculus. Exposed to the reflections from the sun or to the shadows of an overcast day, Horn’s glass sculpture relies upon natural elements like the weather to manifest her binary experimentations in color, weight and lightness, solidity and fluidity. The endless subtle shifts in the work’s appearance place it in an eternal state of mutability, as it refuses a fixed visual identity. Begetting solidity and singularity, the changing appearance of her sculptures is where one discovers meaning and connects her work to the concept of identity.

For Horn, drawing is a primary activity that underpins her wider practice. Her intricate works on paper examine recurring themes of interpretation, mirroring and textual play, which coalesce to explore the materiality of color and the sculptural potential of drawing. Horn’s preoccupation with language also permeates these works; her scattered words read as a stream of consciousness spiralling across the paper. In her ‘Hack Wit’ series, Horn reconfigures idiomatic turns of phrase and proverbs to engender nonsensical, jumbled expressions. The themes of pairing and mirroring emerge as she intertwines not only the phrases themselves but also the paper they are inscribed on, so that her process reflects the content of the drawings. Words are her images and she paints them expressionistically, which—combined with her method—causes letters to appear indeterminate, as if they are being viewed underwater.

Notions of identity and mutability are also explored within Horn’s photography, which tends to consist of multiple pieces and installed as a surround which unfolds within the gallery space. Examples include her series ‘The Selected Gifts, (1974 – 2015),’ photographed with a deceptively affectless approach that belies sentimental value. Here, Horn’s collected treasures float against pristine white backdrops in the artist’s signature serial style, telling a story of the self as mediated through both objects and others—what the artist calls ‘a vicarious self-portrait.’ This series, alongside her other photographic projects, build upon her explorations into the effects of multiplicity on perception and memory, and the implications of repetition and doubling, which remain central to her work.

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Roni Horn


Print Biography
New York NY, 1955

BFA with Honors at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence RI, 1972 – 75
MFA at the Yale University of New Haven CT, 1976 – 78

Lives and works in New York NY

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Winsing Arts Foundation, 'Roni Horn', Taipei, Taiwan
Centro Botín, 'Roni Horn: Me paraliza la esperanza', Santander, Spain
HE Art Museum, 'Roni Horn: A dream dreamt in a dreaming world is not really a dream, ... but a dream not dreamt is.', Shunde, China
Hauser & Wirth, 'Roni Horn. SWEET IS THE SWAMP WITH ITS SECRETS', Monaco
Taka Ishii Gallery (complex665), 'Roni Horn. Bird', Tokyo, Japan
Bourse de Commerce - Pinault Collection, 'Félix González-Torres / Roni Horn', Paris, France
Pola Museum, 'Roni Horn: When You See Your Reflection in Water, Do You Recognize the Water in You?', Hakone, Japan
'Air Burial', Hakone, Japan (permanent installation)
Peder Lund, 'Wits’ End Mash', Oslo, Norway
Château La Coste, 'A Rat Surrendered Here', Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France
Kunsthaus Göttingen, 'Roni Horn – You are the Weather (Books, Drawings, Photographs)', Göttingen, Germany
The Menil Collection, 'Gold Field', Houston TX (installation)
Hauser & Wirth, 'Roni Horn. Recent Works', New York NY
i8 Gallery, 'Roni Horn', Reykjavík, Iceland
Fondation Beyeler, 'Roni Horn. You are the Weather', Riehen, Switzerland
The University Museum of Contemporary Art at UMass Amherst, 'Roni Horn', Amherst MA
Peder Lund, 'Roni Horn', Oslo, Norway
Ekbergparken Park, 'Air Burial', Oslo, Norway (permanent installation)
Menil Collection, ’Roni Horn: When I Breathe, I Draw’, Houston TX
Aker Brygge & Oslo Central Station, ‘Portrait of an Image’, Oslo, Norway (public installation)
Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong, 'Roni Horn', Central, Hong Kong
Menil Collection, 'Wits' End Sampler', Houston, TX
Kurimanzutto, 'Roni Horn', Mexico City, Mexico
Hauser & Wirth Zürich, 'Roni Horn. Wits' End Sampler | Recent Drawings', Zürich, Switzerland
Kukje Gallery, 'Remembered Words', Seoul, South Korea
Pinakothek der Moderne Kunst, 'Roni Horn. PI', Munich, Germany
Rat Hole Gallery, 'Selected Gifts, (1974 – 2015)', Tokyo, Japan
Nasher Sculpture Center, ‘Roni Horn’, Dallas TX
Hauser & Wirth, ‘Roni Horn’, New York NY
Glenstone, ‘Roni Horn’, Potomac MD
Cairngorm National Park in Scotland, ‘Air Burial’, Cairngorms, Scotland (permanent installation)
Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, Switzerland
de Pont Museum, Tilburg, Netherlands
Fondation Vincent van Gogh, 'Butterfly to Oblivion', Arles, France
Hauser & Wirth, 'Butterfly Doubt', London, England
Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan, Italy
Peder Lund Gallery, 'Water Teller', Oslo, Norway
Vigeland Museum, 'Drawings', Oslo, Norway
Caixa Forum, '”Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake”', Madrid, Spain
Fundació Joan Miró, '”Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake”', Barcelona, Spain (Travelling Exhibition)
Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Hauser & Wirth, '”Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake”', New York NY
Hauser & Wirth, Zurich, Switzerland
Schirn Kunsthalle, ‘Portrait of an Image', Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Galleria Raffaella Cortese, 'Mirosław Bałka e Roni Horn', Milan, Italy
Hauser & Wirth, 'Selected Drawings 1984 - 2012', Zurich, Switzerland (Travelling Exhibition)
Sammlung Goetz, Munich, Germany
Xavier Hufkens, 'Selected Drawings 1984 - 2012', Brussels, Belgium (Travelling Exhibition)
Andrea Rosen Gallery, 'The Wedding (the Walker Evans Polaroid Project) with Roni Horn', FLAG Art Foundation, 'Double Mobius', New York NY
Hamburger Kunsthalle, 'Photographien / Photographic Works', Hamburg, Germany
Hauser & Wirth, 'Recent Work', London, England
New York NY
i8 Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
Galerie de l'UQAM Université du Québec à Montréal, 'Some Thames', Montreal, Canada
Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland
Hauser & Wirth, New York NY
ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, 'Roni Horn aka Roni Horn', Boston MA (Travelling Exhibition)
Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Kunsthaus Bregenz, 'Well and Truly', Bregenz, Austria
Rat Hole Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Collection Lambert, 'Roni Horn aka Roni Horn', Avignon, France (Travelling Exhibition)
The Common Guild, 'The tiniest piece of mirror is always the whole mirror', Glasgow, Scotland
Tate Modern, 'Roni Horn aka Roni Horn', London, England (Travelling Exhibition)
Whitney Museum of American Art, 'Roni Horn aka Roni Horn', New York NY (Travelling Exhibition)
Guggenheim Museum, 'Paired, Gold: Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Roni Horn', New York NY
CAC – Centro de Arte Contemporàneo, Malaga, Spain
Circulo de Bellas Artes (Photo España), Madrid, Spain
Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Hauser & Wirth, London, England
Overbeck Gesellschaft, 'Portrait of an Image (with Isabelle Huppert)', Lübeck, Germany
Rathole Gallery, 'This is me, this is you', Tokyo, Japan
Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Belgium
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Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Reykjavik Art Museum, 'MY OZ', Reykjavik, Iceland
Stykkisholmur Library, 'Vatnasafn / Library of Water', Stykkishólmur, Iceland (long-term installation)
Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Belgium
Hauser & Wirth, 'Portrait of an Image / Drawings. Roni Horn, Louise Bourgeois', Zurich, Switzerland
James Kelly Contemporary, 'Sculptures, Drawings and Photographs', Santa Fe NM
Inverleith House, 'Angie and Emily Dickinson', Edinburgh, Scotland
Museion, 'Angie and Emily Dickinson', Bolzano, Italy
Safn, 'Relaxness', Reykjavik, Iceland
Matthew Marks Gallery, 'Portrait of an Image (with Isabelle Huppert)', New York NY
Art Institute of Chicago, 'Some Thames', Chicago IL
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Fotomuseum Winterthur, 'If on a Winter's Night...Roni Horn...', Winterthur, Switzerland
Galerie Hauser & Wirth Zürich & Presenhuber, Zurich, Switzerland
i8 Galleri, 'This is Me, This is You', Reykjavik, Iceland
Raffaella Cortese, Milan, Italy
University of Akureyri, 'Some Thames', Iceland (Permanent Installation)
Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Belgium
Dia Center for the Arts, 'Blah, Blah, Blah, part 1', New York NY
Dia Center for the Arts, 'Blah, Blah, Blah, part 2', New York NY
Matthew Marks Gallery, 'Clowndoubt', New York NY
Galerie Hauser & Wirth Zürich & Presenhuber, Zurich, Switzerland
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Whitney Museum of American Art, New York NY
Bayerische Staatsgemäldesammlungen / Staatsgalerie moderner Kunst, 'PI', Munich, Germany
CAPC - Musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux Entrepôt, Bordeaux, France
Jablonka Galerie, Cologne, Germany
Matthew Marks Gallery, 'Pi', New York NY
Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris, France
Raffaella Cortese, Milan, Italy
Zugspitze, Munich, Germany
De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art, 'You are the Weather', Tilburg, Netherlands (Travelling Exhibition)
Galleri Stefan Andersson AB, Umea, Sweden
Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel, Switzerland
Patrick Painter Inc., Los Angeles CA
Xavier Hufkens, Brussels, Belgium
Jablonka Galerie, Cologne, Germany
Bahnhof Ost, 'Yous in You', Basel, Switzerland (Permanent Installation, completed 2000)
Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, 'Earths Grow Thick: Works after Emily Dickinson', Seattle WA (Travelling Exhibition)
Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland
Ingólfsstræti 8, Reykjavík, Iceland
Institut für Moderne Kunst in der SchmidtBank-Galerie, 'You are the Weather', Nuremberg, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Jablonka Galerie, Cologne, Germany
Matthew Marks Gallery, 'Untitled (Flannery) and Pooling You', New York NY
Raffaella Cortese, Milan, Italy
i8 Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland
Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College, 'Earths Grow Thick: Works after Emily Dickinson', Wellesley MA (Travelling Exhibition)
Deutscher Wetterdienst München, 'You are the Weather', Munich, Germany (Permanent Installation at the German Meteorological Service: Helene Weber Allee 21-23)
Galerie Ghislaine Hussenot, Paris, France
Matthew Marks Gallery, 'Five Installations', New York NY
Wexner Center for the Arts, 'Earths Grow Thick: Works after Emily Dickinson', Columbus OH (Travelling Exhibition)
Alfonso Artiaco Gallery, Naples, Italy
Jablonka Galerie, Cologne, Germany
Kestner Gesellschaft, 'Making Being Here Enough. Installations, Drawings', Hanover, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Kunsthalle Basel, 'Making Being Here Enough. Installations, Drawings', Basel, Switzerland (Travelling Exhibition)
Matthew Marks Gallery, 'Gurgles, Sucks, Echoes', New York NY
Museum für Gegenwartskunst, 'Drawings', Basel, Switzerland
Sammlung Goetz, 'Felix Gonzalez-Torres & Roni Horn', Munich, Germany
St. Louis Museum of Art, 'Currents 61: Roni Horn', St. Louis MO
The Baltimore Museum of Art, 'Inner Geography', Baltimore MD (Travelling Exhibition)
DePont Foundation for Contemporary Art, 'Roni Horn', Tilburg, Netherlands
List Visual Arts Center, MIT, 'Inner Geography', Cambridge MA (Travelling Exhibition)
Matthew Marks Gallery, New York NY
Texas Gallery, Houston TX
Yale University Art Gallery, 'Inner Geography', New Haven CT (Travelling Exhibition)
2nd Floor, Reykjavík, Iceland
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Matthew Marks Gallery, New York NY
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Jablonka Galerie, Cologne, Germany
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Paula Cooper Gallery, New York NY
Chinati Foundation, 'Things that Happen Again', Marfa TX (Permanent Installation)
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Galerie Lelong, 'Pair Objects I, II, III', New York NY (Travelling Exhibition)
Mario Diacono Gallery, Boston MA
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Winston Gallery, Washington DC
Galerie Maeght Lelong, New York NY
Galerie Maeght Lelong, Paris, France
Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase NY
Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Galerie Maeght Lelong, New York NY
Glyptothek / Kunstforum / Kunstraum, Munich, Germany
Clocktower, Institute for Art and Urban Resources, New York NY
Kunstraum, Munich, Germany
Yale University, New Haven CT
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Selected Group Exhibitions

Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 'Good Object / Bad Object', Chapel Hill NC
Kunsthaus Zürich, 'Notions of Time', Zurich, Switzerland
Hamburger Kunsthalle, 'VIERMALVIER / FOURTIMESFOUR', Hamburg, Germany
KOLUMBA Kunstmuseum des Erzbistums Köln, '"making being here enough" – place and self', Cologne, Germany
Naves de Gamazo, '¡Mírame!: Retratos y otras ficciones en la Colección «la Caixa» de Arte Contemporáneo', Santander, Spain
Manifesta, 'Manifesta 14 Prishtina', Prishtina, Kosovo
The Bass Museum of Art, 'Phraseology', Miami Beach FL
Hammer Museum, 'A Decade of Acquisitions of Works on Paper – Part II', Los Angeles CA
Hauser & Wirth, 'Seventy Years of The Second Sex - A Conversation between Works and Words', cur. Dr. Sophie Berrebi, Zurich, Switzerland
Towner Eastbourne, 'Bringing to Light', Eastbourne, UK
Hauser & Wirth, 'Chromophilia', Zurich, Switzerland
Whitechapel Gallery, 'A Century of the Artist’s Studio: 1920 – 2020', London, UK
Lismore Castle Arts, 'girls girls girls', Lismore, Ireland
Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 'Following Water', Bielefeld, Germany
National Gallery of Art, ‘The Double: Identity and Difference in Art Since 1900’, Washington, D.C.
Yale University Art Gallery, 'On the Basis of Art. 150 Years of Women at Yale', New Haven CT
V-A-C Foundation, 'To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow! An exhibition curated by Ragnar Kjartansson and Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir', Moscow, Russia
Museum of Contemporary Art, 'Dependent Objects', cur. Harry C. H. Choi, Chicago IL
LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 'View From Here: Recent Acquisitions', Los Angeles CA
Kupferstich-Kabinett, 'Crossing Borders. Collecting for the Future', Dresden, Germany
Hauser & Wirth, 'To Form a More Perfect Union', New York NY
Kunst-und Kulturstiftung Opelvillen Rüsselsheim, 'Art for Animals. A Change in Perspective for Human Beings', Rüsselsheim am Main, Germany
Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe, '(In)finite Resources', Karlsruhe, Germany
Hauser & Wirth, 'Artists for New York' New York NY
Albertina Museum, ‘My Generation: The Jablonka Collection’, Vienna, Austria
Fondation Beyeler, ‘Silent Vision’, cur. Dr. Raphaël Bouvier, Basel, Switzerland
Xavier Hufkens, 'Louise Bourgeois, Thierry De Cordier, Roni Horn, Alice Neel, Cathy Wilkes. Winterreise', Brussels, Belgium
J. Paul Getty Museum, 'Once.Again.', Los Angeles, CA
Matthew Marks Gallery, ‘One hundred drawings’, New York NY
West Bund Museum, ‘The Shape of Time. Highlights of the Centre Pompidou Collection, Vol. 1’, cur. Marcella Lista, Shanghai, China
The South London Gallery, ‘Danh Vo. Untitled’, London, United Kingdom
Palazzo Grassi, Punta della Dogana, ‘Luogo e Segni’, Venice, Italy
University of Michigan Museum of Art, ‘Collection Ensemble’, cur. Vera Grant, Ann Arbor MI
Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, ‘Joint is Out of Time’, cur. Saretto Cincinelli and Bettina Della Casa, Rome, Italy
Münchner Stadtmuseum, 'LAND_SCOPE. Photographic Works from Roni Horn to Thomas Ruff', Munich, Germany
MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art, 'One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art', Los Angeles CA
Hayward Gallery, ‘Space Shifters’, London, United Kingdom
Astrup Fearnley Museet, 'I Still Believe In Miracles – Works from Selvaag Art', Oslo, Norway
The Whitworth Art Gallery, The University of Manchester, 'Exchanges: Recent Additions to the Collection', Manchester, United Kingdom
Fortes D'Aloia & Gabriel, 'That Obscure Object of Desire', Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Kunsthalle Krems, 'Picasso. Gorky. Warhol. Sculpture and Works on Paper. Hubert Looser Collection', Krems an der Donau, Austria
Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana, 'Dancing with Myself', Venice, Italy
The National Gallery, 'Tacita Dean: STILL LIFE', London, United Kingdom
SFMoMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 'Selves and Others. Gifts to the Collection from Carla Emil and Rich Silverstein', San Francisco CA
MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art, 'One Day at a Time: Manny Farber and Termite Art', Los Angeles CA
Hauser & Wirth, 'The Land We Live In – The Land We Left Behind', Somerset, United Kingdom
International Center of Photography, 'Multiply, Identify, Her', New York NY
Münchner Stadtmuseum, 'LAND_SCOPE. Photographic Works from Roni Horn to Thomas Ruff', Munich, Germany
MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art, 'One Day at a Time. Manny Farber and Termite Art', Los Angeles CA
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, '7 X SPACE X TIME', Humlebaek, Denmark
Pera Museum, 'Look At Me! Portraits and Other Fictions from the „la Caixa“ Contemporary Art Collection', Istanbul, Turkey
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Reading Prison, 'Inside – Contemporary Artists and Writers in Reading Prison', Reading, England
Reykjavík Art Museum, 'Kingdom – Flora, Fauna, Fable’, Reykjavik, Iceland
Kröller-Müller Museum, 'Nature Based', Otterlo, Netherlands
Collection Lambert, 'Au Coeur. Territoire de l’enfance', Avignon, France
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GoMA Gallery of Modern Art, 'Ripples on The Pond', Glasgow, Scotland
Beirut Exhibition Center, 'Open Rhapsody', Beirut, Lebanon
Roman Road, 'Tempo al Tempo. Art from Anno Domini to Roni Horn', London, England
S.M.A.K., 'Drawing. THE BOTTOM LINE', Ghent, Belgium
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Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 'Tension and Freedom', Lisbon, Portugal
Sean Kelly Gallery, 'By the Book', New York NY
Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 'This is a Portrait If I Say So: Re-imagining Representation in American Art, 1912-Today', Brunswick ME
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Susanne Hilberry Gallery, 'Thirty Nine Years', Ferndale MI
Hauser & Wirth, 'Maisons Fragiles', London, London
Swiss National Library, 'Das Fotobuch und seine Autoren', Bern, Switzerland
DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, 'Drawing Redefined', Lincoln MA
Hamburger Kunsthalle, 'Hamburg Triennial of Photography', Hamburg, Germany
CAM Centro de Arte Moderna, 'Tension and Freedom', Lisbon, Portugal
Kunsthaus Zürich, 'Picture Ballot! Monolithic Water', Zurich, Switzerland
Cranbrook Art Museum, 'Theatre of the Mind', Bloomfield Hills MI
Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, 'Beyond and Between', Seoul, Korea
Kolumba. Art Museum of the Archdiocese of Cologne, 'Playing by heart', Cologne, Germany
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Fri Art. Centre d’Art de Fribourg / Kunsthalle Freiburg, 'Pro Choice', Freiburg, Germany
The Granary, 'The Distaff Side', Sharon CT
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Margo Leavin Gallery, 'Untitled (Reading Room)', Los Angeles CA
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Paula Cooper Gallery, 'Corners', New York NY
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Firth Gallery, 'Drawings', London, England
Firth Gallery, 'Photographs', London, England
The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), 'Installations: Selections from the permanent collection', Los Angeles CA
ICA - Institute of Contemporary Art, 'Drawn in the 90's', Boston MA (Travelling Exhibition)
Illingworth Kerr Gallery / Alberta College of Art, 'Drawn in the 90's', Calgary, Canada (Travelling Exhibition)
Huntsville Museum of Art, 'Drawn in the 90's', Huntsville AL (Travelling Exhibition)
Kunsthalle Basel, '21st Century', Basel, Switzerland
Margo Leavin Gallery, 'Photography', Los Angeles CA
Anders Tornberg Gallery, 'All Words Suck', Lund, Sweden
Centre d' Art Contemporain du Domaine de Kerguehennec, 'A Second Thought about Landscape Photography', Bignan, France
DePont Foundation for Contemporary Art, Tilburg, Netherlands
Documenta IX, Kassel, Germany
Katonah Museum of Art, 'Drawn in the 90's', New York NY
Rubin Spangle Gallery, 'Untitled', New York NY
Whitney Museum of American Art, 'Whitney Biennial', New York NY
Aargauer Kunsthaus, 'Drawings', Aarau, Switzerland
Annemarie Verna Gallery, 'Quotations', Zurich, Switzerland
Baltimore Museum of Fine Arts, 'Sculptor's Drawings', Baltimore MD
Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Whitney Museum of American Art, 'Recent Drawings', New York NY
'Prospect 89', Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Anne Plumb Gallery, 'Non-representation', New York NY
Daniel Weinberg Gallery, 'A Decade of American Drawing', Los Angeles CA
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 'AVA', Richmond VA
Carnegie-Mellon University Art Gallery, 'AVA', Pittsburgh PA (Travelling Exhibition)
Lang-O'Hara Gallery, 'The Inscribed Image', New York NY
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 'AVA', Los Angeles CA (Travelling Exhibition)
Pamela Auchincloss Gallery, 'Works on Paper', New York NY
Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Detroit MI
Zola Lieberman Gallery, Chicago IL
Düsseldorfer Kunsthalle, 'Similia-Dissimilia', Dusseldorf, Germany (Travelling Exhibition)
Galerie Maeght Lelong, New York NY
Hirschl and Adler Modern, 'Lead', New York NY
Leo Castelli Gallery, 'Similia-Dissimilia', New York NY (Travelling Exhibition)
Thomas Segal Gallery, Boston MA
Wallach Art Center, 'Similia-Dissimilia', New York NY (Travelling Exhibition
Barbara Krakow Gallery, Boston MA
La Biennale di Venezia, 'XLII Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte', Venice, Italy
Chris Middendorf Gallery, Washington DC
Diane Brown Gallery, New York NY
Alfred Kren Gallery, New York NY
Burnett Miller Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Gallery Shimada Yamaguchi, Japan
Jatta Vondran, Dusseldorf, Germany
Lorence-Monk Gallery, New York NY
Barbara Braatten Gallery, New York NY
La Biennale di Venezia, 'XLI Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte', Venice, Italy
Kunstraum, Munich, Germany
La Biennale di Venezia, 'XL Esposizione Internazionale d'Arte', Venice, Italy
Hayden Gallery, 'The Material Object', Cambridge MA
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Awards and Grants

LEAD Award, Lead Academy, Berlin/Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
The Joan Miró Prize, Barcelona, Spain
Aspen Award for Art
Artists Space Award, New York NY (Remarks by Douglas Gordon, Rachel Weisz)
Athena Award, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
The Citibank Private Bank Photography Prize (Short-listed)
Alpert Award in the Arts, Los Angeles CA
Sculpture Award, Sculpture Center, New York NY
Engelhard Foundation Artist Residency, Bequia, Iceland
Guggenheim Fellowship, New York NY
NEA Artist's Fellowship, Washington DC
AVA 7, Awards in the Visual Arts, North Carolina NC
NEA Artist's Fellowship, Washington DC
NEA Artist's Fellowship, Washington DC
Humanities Development Grant, Colgate University, Hamilton NY
Alice Kimball Travelling Fellowship, from Yale University, New Haven CT
Ford Foundation Grant, New Haven CT
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Lectures and Broadcasts

UMass Amherst, University Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘Roni Horn in Conversation with Dr. Julie Birgham-Grette and Williams Daniels, moderated by Shona Macdonald’, 30 January 2020, Amherst MA
Guggenheim Museum, ‘Glenstone in Conversation: An Examination of Contemporary Museum Architecture at the Guggenheim’, Panel on the topic of ‘Context as Content’ with Roni Horn, Danh Vo,
Thomas Phifer and Elizabeth Diller, moderated by Paul Goldberger, 18 November 2017, New York NY
Glenstone, ‘Conversation with Jeanette Winterson’, 9 September 2017, Potomac MD
Hauser & Wirth, ‘Conversation with Nancy Spector’, 23 May 2017, New York NY
Dia Art Foundation, ‘Dia Fall Benefit. A Short Talk on Robert Ryman’, 8 November 2015, New York NY
Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture,
‘Visiting Artist Presentation’, 1 August 2014, Skowhegan, Maine
Arts Santa Mónica, ‘Réduire en poussière. Un dialogue avec Roni Horn’ / ‘Reduce to dust. A dialogue with Roni Horn’ (with Hélène Cixous), 18 June 2014, Barcelona, Spain
Jumex Foundation, ‘Close Up Sessions’, 16 January 2014, Mexico City, Mexico
The University of Guelph & The School of Fine Art and Music, 'Shenkman Lecture in Contemporary Art. Roni Horn', March 11, 2009, Canada
Library of Water, 'Roni Horn Weekend. 1 Year of Library of Water', May 23-25, 2008, Reykjavik, Iceland
Palais de Tokyo, with Helene Cixous, November 19, 2005, Paris, France
Public Art Fund, New School for Social Research, November 7, 2005, New York NY
Harvard University, 'Saying Water', December 10, 2004, Cambridge, England
Artangel, 'Roni Horn: Wonderwater (Alice Offshore)', Reading / Performance by Anne Carson, Hélène Cixous, John Waters (live), Louise Bourgeois (video), November 2, 2004, London, England
Art Institute Chicago, 'Saying Water', May 25, 2004, Chicago, IL
The Whitney Museum of American Art, 'Roni Horn: Wonderwater (Alice Offshore)', Reading / Performance by Anne Carson, Hélène Cixous, John Waters (live), Louise Bourgeois (video), May 5, 2004, New York NY
La Casa Encendida, 'Saying Water', March 30, 2004, Madrid, Spain
Casa Museo Luis Barragan, 'Saying Water', November 2, 2003, Mexico City, Mexico
CCAC Wattis Institute, 'Saying Water', San Francisco CA
The Whitney Museum of American Art, 'Saying Water', September 2001, New York NY
The Tate Modern, 'Saying Water', London, England
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Exhibitions Curated by Roni Horn

Clyfford Still Museum, 'Artists Select: Roni Horn', Denver CO
Hauser & Wirth, 'Felix Gonzalez-Torres' (Curated by Julie Ault and Roni Horn), London, England (Three part exhbition)
Andrea Rosen Gallery, 'Felix Gonzalez-Torres' (Curated by Julie Ault and Roni Horn), New York NY (Three part exhbition)
Massimo De Carlo, 'Felix Gonzalez-Torres' (Curated by Julie Ault and Roni Horn), Milan, Italy (Three part exhbition)
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Artist’s Books & Writings

Horn, Roni, ‘LOG: March 22, 2019 – May 17, 2020’, Houston: Ze Books, Göttingen: Steidl, 2021
Horn, Roni, ‘Th Rose Prblm’, New York: Roni Horn Studio, 2019 [Signed and numbered, limited edition of 125]
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Horn, Roni, ‘82 Postcards’, New York: Hauser & Wirth, 2017 [Limited edition of 1400, Published with two different covers]
Horn, Roni, ‘My Gifts, A Selection (1960 – 2015)’, New York: Roni Horn Studio, 2015 [Signed and numbered, limited edition of 300]
Horn, Roni, ‘Another Water (The River Thames, for Example)’, Göttingen: Steidl, 2011 [2nd Edition]
Barney, Matthew, Blazwick, Iwona, Carson, Anne, Cixous, Hélène (et al.), ‘Roni Horn aka Roni Horn’ (vol 1: Catalogue: 236pp. / vol 2: Subject Index: 228pp.), Göttingen: Steidl, New York: Whitney Museum of American Art, London: Tate Modern, 2009 (exh. cat.)
Horn, Roni, ’Herðubreið at Home’, Göttingen: Steidl, 2007
Horn, Roni, ‘Veðrið vitnar um Þig’, (Introduction translated by Fridá Björk Ingvarsdóttir), London: Artangel, Göttingen: Steidl, 2007 [Icelandic version of ‘Weather Reports You’]
Horn, Roni, ‘Weather Reports You’, London: Artangel, Göttingen: Steidl, 2007 [Translated from the Icelandic by Bernard Scudder]
Horn, Roni, ‘Index Cixous (Cix Pax)’, Göttingen: Steidl, 2005 (+ Special Edition of 100)
Horn, Roni, ‘Wonderwater (Alice Offshore)’, 4 volumes in slip-cased edition [Volume 1: Louise Bourgeois, 170pp. Volume 2: Anne Carson, 162pp with insert of drawings by Anne Carson. Volume 3: Hélène Cixous, 168pp. Volume 4: John Waters, 140pp], Göttingen: Steidl, Göttingen, 2004
Horn, Roni, ‘This is Me, This is You’, Paris: Edition 7L, 2001
Horn, Roni, ‘Another Water (The River Thames, for Example)’, Zürich/New York: Scalo Verlag:, 2000
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Selected Press

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__, 'Auction Preview: Photographs at Il Ponte, Via Pontaccio Milan, Apr 17' on:, London/UK, 11 April 2018
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The Monocle Arts Review, 'Art: Kathelen Fox-Davies, Episode 96', London, 13 July 2015
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PBS Broadcast, 'Art: 21 – Art in the Twenty-First Century', (report by Susan Sollins), New York, 30 September 2005
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Own Publications

Horn, Roni, 'Roni Horn. Remembered Words. A Specimen Concordance’, Göttingen: Steidl, 2019
Horn, Roni, 'Weather Reports You', London/Goettingen: Artangel/Steidl, 2007, p. 195, ill.
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Horn, Roni (ed.), 'Wonderwater (Alice Offshore)', (Multi-volume work: vol. 1: Annotated by Louise Bourgeois, vol. 2: Annotated by Anne Carson, vol. 3: Annotated by Hélène Cixous, vol. 4: Annotated by John Waters), Goettingen: Steidl, 2004
Horn, Roni, 'Her, Her, Her, and, Her', Goettingen/New York NY: SteidlDangin Publishers, 2004
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Horn, Roni, 'Bluff Life' (Book I of 'To Place'), New York NY: Peter Blum Edition, 1990
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Own Articles

___, 'The Cold Blood of Iceland', on:, 30 November 2020
___, '"Island Zombie: Iceland Writings" by Roni Horn', on:
Horn, Roni, 'Islandi glatad - til varnar vedrun', in: Morgunbladid, Reykjavík, 9 November 2002, pp. 42-43
Horn, Roni, 'One Hundred Waterfalls. Five Hundred Jobs', in: Morgunbladid, Reykjavík, 27 July 2002, pp. 30-31
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Horn, Roni, 'You are the Weather', in: Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris, September 1998, p. 1, p. 5, pp. 12-13, p. 15
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Horn, Roni, '___' (Artist's project), in: Hyperfoto, Oslo, no. 3-4, 1997, pp. 72-83
Horn, Roni, 'Nicht Hier Sein', in: Kunst und Kirche, Berlin, no. 2/97, 1997, pp. 95-97
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Horn, Roni, 'Notes from Dyrholaey', in: Museum Journal, Amsterdam, no. 3, 1983
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Book Design and Misc.

Details Magazine: photography of Matthew Barney, New York NY, March 2003, pp. 254-256
Photographed by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs, New York NY, 2003
Laxness, Halldor, ‘Halldor Laxness: Collected Works’ (11 Volume boxed set – special edition), Göttingen: Steidl Verlag, 2002.

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Roni Horn
1 Apr - 1 Sep 2023 , Centro Botín, Santander, Spain
The Double: Identity and Difference in Art since 1900
10 Jul - 31 Oct 2022 , National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

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