Bharti Kher

Born in London in 1969, Bharti Kher’s art gives form to quotidian life and its daily rituals in a way that reassesses and transforms their meaning to yield an air of magical realism. Now living in New Delhi, India, her use of found objects is informed by her own position as an artist located between geographic and social milieus. Her way of working is exploratory: surveying, looking, collecting, and transforming, as she repositions the viewer’s relationship with the object and initiates a dialogue between metaphysical and material pursuits.

The bindi is an iconic personal affect of Indian women that is one of Kher’s signature materials and a loaded symbol. Since first appearing in her work in 1995, the bindi has inherited an aesthetic and cultural duality, a means to mix the superficial with the sublime. Kher explains: ‘Many people believe it’s a traditional symbol of marriage while others, in the West particularly, see it as a fashion accessory… But actually the bindi is meant to represent a third eye—one that forges a link between the real and the spiritual-conceptual worlds.’ Used as a material to articulate and animate her themes, bindis as such are not meant to be the central-motif of her work but rather act as a material, much like paint or clay, but with an inherent narrative. The bindis themselves undergo a shift in their initial cultural capital—they are defamiliarized, made to seem both scientific and mystical.

At the center of Kher’s practice are her sculptures, early examples of which featured fantastical hybrid characters, blurring the distinctions between humans and nature, ecology and politics. In line with this early practice, Kher continues to assemble, juxtapose and transform found objects that are witness to their own histories. Wooden wheels and architectural remnants, mannequin body casts and pillars all clash in mis-en-scenes of dystopia and grand orchestration. These elements are assembled in a hazardous manner; suspended from the ceiling, hanging from ropes, propped up and held from falling with the help of counterweights and balances; ultimately forming a heterogeneous narrative in which Kher further explores the artistic strategy of stripping objects of their meaning and making them open to misinterpretation and magic, creating alluring works of abstract beauty.

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Bharti Kher


Print Biography
London, England, 1969

Studied at the Middlesex Polytechnic, Cat Hill, London, England, 1987 – 1988
BA Honours, Fine Art, Painting at the Foundation Course in Art & Design Newcastle Polytechnic, Newcastle, England 1988 – 1991

Lives and works in New Delhi, India

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Arnolfini, 'Bharti Kher. The Body is a Place', Bristol, UK
Public Art Fund, Doris C. Freedman Plaza, Central Park, 'Bharti Kher. Ancestor', New York NY
Nature Morte, 'Strange Attractors', New Delhi, India
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Centre Pasqu’Art, 'Chimeras', Biel, Switzerland
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Grunwald Gallery of Art, 'Messengers', Bloomington IN
Museum Frieder Burda / Salon Berlin, 'Dark Matter (MM)', Berlin, Germany
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 'Sketchbooks and Diaries', Boston MA
Freud Museum, 'This Breathing House', London, UK
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Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, 'Virus', Gateshead, UK
Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, 'Sing to them that will listen', Paris, France
Jack Shainman Gallery, 'An Absence of Assignable Cause', New York NY
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Galerie F.I.A, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Galerie F.I.A, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Art Heritage, New Delhi, India
AIFACS, New Delhi, India
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Selected Group Exhibitions

The Design Museum, 'The Offbeat Sari', London, UK
Sharjah Art Foundation, 'Pop South Asia. Artistic Explorations in the Popular', Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello/Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, 'Uncombed, Unforeseen, Unconstrained', Venice, Italy
Hauser & Wirth, 'Chromophilia', Zurich, Switzerland
Firstsite, 'Sculpture at Firstsite', Colchester, UK
Unit London, 'Song of Songs', London, UK
Nature Morte, 'On | Site', New Dehli, India
PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art, 'Relations: Diaspora and Painting', Montréal, Canada
Fondation Opale, 'Resonances', Lens, Switzerland
JCAF Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation, 'Contemporary Female Identities in the Global South', Johannesburg, South Africa
The British Museum, 'Tantra. enlightenment to revolution', London, UK
The Columbia Museum of Arts, 'Visions from India. 21st-Century Art from the Pizzuti Collection', Columbia SC
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Columbus Museum of Art, 'Driving Forces: Contemporary Art from the Collection of Ann and Ron Pizzuti', Columbus, OH
Harvard Business School, 'Public Art Exhibition', Boston MA
IMMA Irish Museum of Modern Art, 'Desire: A Revision From The 20th Century To The Digital Age', Dublin, Ireland
University of Toronto Art Centre, 'Vision Exchange: Perspectives from India to Canada', Toronto ON
Thailand Biennale, 'Edge of the Wonderland', Krabi, Thailand
Regent’s Park, 'Frieze Sculpture 2018', London, UK
Victoria Miro, 'Surface Work', London, UK
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, 'Facing India', Wolfsburg, Germany
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 'Like Life. Sculpture, Colour and the Body (1300 - Now)', New York NY
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Chevalier dans l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters)
ARKEN Art Prize
YFLO Woman Achiever of the Year
The Sanskriti Award
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Bharti Kher
The Body is a Place
22 Oct - 29 Jan 2023, Arnolfini, Bristol, United Kingdom
Bharti Kher
7 Sep - 17 Aug 2023, Doris C. Freedman Plaza, Central Park, New York NY

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