Forthcoming Exhibitions

Welcoming Hélène Delprat

Introducing French artist Hélène Delprat, whose multifaceted practice has engaged the human condition for more than four decades, exploring life and death in an oeuvre that includes painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, video, theater, interview projects and installations. Ahead of her first exhibition with the gallery in January 2024, we met the artist inside her Paris atelier.

Forthcoming Events

Our New Space On 18th Street In New York

Dedicated to Editions, Learning and Publishers, our new space at 443 West 18th Street is now open with special presentation of prints by Louise Bourgeois.


Jenny Holzer Collaborates With Young Creatives From Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles

‘Make Life Better’—a Learning initiative that empowers youth to use their voices through a wheatpaste poster campaign answering Holzer’s prompt: ‘What is most important to know and do to make life better?’