Fondazione Piero Manzoni

The renowned Italian artist Piero Manzoni emerged as a powerful voice for the avant-garde in the 1950s, debuting as an artist at the ‘4a Fiera mercato: Mostra d’arte contemporanea’ in 1956. A self-taught painter, his work heavily featured anthropomorphic silhouettes and the impressions of objects. He began making his ‘white paintings’—later named ‘Achromes’—in 1957, at first with rough gesso and then with kaolin, as well as with creased canvases or surfaces divided into squares.

In 1959, the artist began his series which experimented with the display of inflated white balloons. The results—‘Corpi d’aria (Bodies of Air)’ and ‘Fiato d’artista (Artist’s Breath),’ where balloons were poised on a tripod or wooden plinth—extended the creative experimentation first visualized in the ‘Achromes’ as Manzoni embarked upon works that used an entirely new visual language, reframing artistic interpretation. In July 1960, he presented ‘Consumazione dell’arte / dinamica del pubblico / divorare l’arte’ in Milan, during which he offered the public hard-boiled eggs with his thumbprint on them. By 1961, Manzoni was signing actual people, turning them into ‘living sculptures,’ and awarding them with a certificate of authenticity.

Alongside his work as an abstract avant-garde painter, Manzoni contributed to and collaborated with numerous artist groups and initiatives. As his artistic activity intensified, he began participating in group shows and signing manifestos alongside other artists, including Enrico Baj, Guido Biasi, Ettore Sordini, and Angelo Verga. For a period of time he embraced the Movimento Arte Nucleare, before abandoning it in 1958.

On several occasions, he showed his work with Agostino Bonalumi and Enrico Castellani, and he collaborated with artists of the Zero group in Düsseldorf and other European neo-avant-garde groups. In 1959, he founded the Galleria Azimut in Milan with Castellani, opening the gallery with an exhibition of his ‘Linee (Lines).’ The pair simultaneously published two issues of the Azimuth magazine. The second issue (1960) included one of Manzoni’s seminal texts ‘Libera dimensione’ or ‘Free dimension.’

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Piero Manzoni


Print Biography
Soncino, Italy, 1933

Law studies at the Università Milano Cattolica, Milan, Italy, 1951 – 1954
Studied Philosophy at the Università La Sapienza, Rome, Italy, 1955
Studied Philosophy at the Università degli Studi, Milan, Italy, 1956
Founded the gallery Azimut with the artist Enrico Castellani, Milan, Italy, 1959

Milan, Italy, 1963

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Museo della Stampa, 'La Merda d’artista di Piero Manzoni tra documenti e immagini', Soncino, Italy
Yu-un Obayashi Collection / Shugo Arts, 'Piero Manzoni in Japan: First Step', Tokyo, Japan
Hauser & Wirth, 'Piero Manzoni. Lines', New York NY
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Hauser & Wirth, 'Piero Manzoni. Materials of His Time', Los Angeles CA (Travelling Exhibition)
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Sede del Corriere della Provincia, 'Piero Manzoni', Como, Italy
Teatro Maschere, foyer, [Piero Manzoni], Milan, Italy
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Selected Group Exhibitions

Gallerie d'Italia, 'An Unexpected Collection. A journey through contemporary painting and sculpture. Una collezione inattesa. Viaggio nel contemporaneo tra pittura e scultura', Milan, Italy
La Galleria Nazionale, 'Food Age. Food as Influencer', Rome, Italy
The Warehouse, 'Open Storage: 25 Years of Collecting', Dallas TX
The Arts House, 'The Grand Italian Vision: The Farnesina Collection', Singapore
Jeu de Paume & Le BAL, 'The Italian Scene. Arte Povera, Photography, Films & Videos', Paris, France
Fondation Vincent Van Gogh, 'Breathing one’s breath', Arles, France
Gallerie d’Italia, 'Painting is back. Annti Ottanta, la pittura in Italia', Milan, Italy
Hauser & Wirth, 'Drawing on the Mind', cur. Zhang Enli, Central, Hong Kong
Zentrum für Künstlerpublikationen, 'DUFT, SMELL, OLOR, … Multiple Darstellungen des Olfaktorischen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst', Bremen, Germany
Walker Art Center, 'The Paradox of Stillness: Art, Object, and Performance', Minneapolis MN
Hauser & Wirth, 'Seeing Touch', St. Moritz, Switzerland
Galleria Centro Steccata, 'Arte e Scienza. Dall’alchimia di Parmigianino a Duchamp e oltre', Parma, Italy
Yayoi Kusama Museum, '0 /∞ Zero and Infinity', Tokyo, Japan
Galleria Comunale D'arte Contemporanea Di Monfalcone, 'Lucio Fontana and the worlds beyond the canvas. Between object and painting', Monfalcone, Italy
XNL Piacenza Contemporanea, 'La rivoluzione siamo noi. Collezionismo italiano contemporaneo / We are the Revolution. Contemporary Italian Collecting', Piacenza, Italy
Building Gallery, 'Vincenzo Agnetti – Autoritratti Ritratti, Scrivere – Enrico Castellani Piero Manzoni', Milan, Italy
TornabuoniArt, 'Utopia. Italian Art and Design', Paris, France
Berardo Museum, 'Constellations: a choreography of minimal gestures', Lisbon, Portugal
ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, 'Utopia. Italian Art and Design', Karlsruhe, Germany
Berardo Museum, 'Constellations: a choreography of minimal gestures', Lisbon, Portugal
Galerie de l’UQAM, 'Salle des maquettes', Montreal, Canada
Museo del Paesaggio di Torre di Mosto, 'Fini & Confini – Dal Paesaggio al Territorio', Torre di Mosto, Italy
mumok Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, 'Painting with Method: Neoavantgarde Positions from the mumok Collection', Vienna, Austria
Museo di Santa Caterina, 'RE.USE - Waste, objects, ecology in contemporary art', Treviso, Italy
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Castello Acaja, 'Tesoro nascosti della collezione La Gaia: Fontana e Manzoni', Fossano, Italy
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Nahmad Contemporary, 'Monochrome: A Dialogue Between Burri, Fontana, Klein, Manzoni, and Stingel', New York NY
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The Warehouse, 'Thinking Out Loud: Notes For an Evolving Collection', Dallas TX
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The Warehouse, 'Geometries On and Off the Grid: Art from 1950 to the Present', Dallas TX
National Academy Museum, 'SELF: Portraits of Artists in Their Absence', New York NY
Gagosian Gallery, 'Chromophobia', Geneva, Switzerland
Patricia Low Contemporary, 'I would rather die before I sell my Andy Warhol', Gstaad, Switzerland
Andrea Rosen Gallery, 'The Thing and the Thing-In-Itself', New York NY
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Voice Gallery, 'The Luxury of Dirt', Marrakech, Morocco
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(Travelling Exhibition)
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Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, 'Meneer Delta', Rotterdam, Netherlands
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