Matthew Day Jackson


Matthew Day Jackson is an American artist whose multifaceted practice encompasses sculpture, painting, collage, photography, drawing, video, performance and installation. Born in Panorama City, California, in 1974 and currently living and working on the East Coast, his art grapples with big ideas such as the evolution of human thought, the fatal attraction of the frontier and the faith that man places in technological advancement. In particular, his work addresses the myth of the American Dream, exploring the forces of creation, growth, transcendence, and death through visions of its failed utopia.

Individual sculptures and paintings interconnect with each other to create complex scenarios that revisit history and reassemble its narratives. Frequently monumental, his work imposes not only on a large physical scale, but also conceptually, occupying an intellectual terrain that reaches from ancient history to outer space exploration and discovery. He utilizes a familiar iconography, recycling culturally loaded images such as the geodesic structures of Buckminster Fuller, mankind’s first steps on the moon, and the covers of LIFE magazine from the ‘60s and ‘70s, cross-pollinating these and mixing them with numerous references from art history.

Jackson depicts these using the world around him: scorched wood, molten lead, mother-of-pearl, precious metals, formica, and found objects such as worn T-shirts, prosthetic limbs, axe handles and posters. These diverse materials resonate with symbolism, combining apocalyptic elements with the fruits of new technologies, historical imagery with contemporary ingredients. In his art, ideas are granted physical form, and it is in the clash between the two, in the material impact of idealist thought, that it derives its force. The critic Jeffrey Kastner has noted that his works locate ‘startling beauty in their counterintuitive material juxtapositions.’ However for Jackson, beauty is frequently partnered by desolation. His work explores a concept that he terms ‘the Horriful’; the belief that everything one does has the potential to bring both beauty and horror.

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  • Born
    Panorama City CA, 1974
  • Education

    BFA, University of Washington, Seattle WA, 1997
    MFA, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ, 2001
    NHRA License, Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School, Gainesville FL, 2009

  • Resides
    Lives and works in Brooklyn NY

Selected Solo Exhbitions

  • 2018
    Hauser & Wirth London, ‘Still Life and the Reclining Nude’, London, England
  • 2017
    Grimm Gallery, ‘Gunshot Plywood Bronze Works’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2015
    Studio des Acacias, ‘New American Art’, Paris, France
    Grimm Gallery, ‘Core and Strip’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta, ‘There Will Come Soft Rains’, Atlanta GA
  • 2014
    Hauser & Wirth Zurich, ‘Family’, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2013
    Hauser & Wirth 18th Street, ‘Something Ancient, Something New, Something Stolen, Something Blue’, New York NY
    Southwood Garden, St James’s Church, ‘Hauser & Wirth Outdoor Sculpture: Matthew Day Jackson’, London, England
    ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘Total Accomplishment’, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • 2012
    Gemeentemuseum, ‘In Search of…’, The Hague, Netherlands
  • 2011
    Grimm Gallery Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Hauser & Wirth London, ‘Everything Leads to Another’, London, England
    Kunstmuseum Luzern, ‘In Search of…’, Lucerne, Switzerland
    MAMbo, ‘In Search of…’, Bologna, Italy
  • 2010
    Peter Blum Chelsea New York, ‘In Search of…’, New York NY
    Peter Blum Soho New York, ‘The Tomb’, New York NY
  • 2009
    Contemporary Arts Museum, ‘The Immeasurable Distance’, Houston TX
    Douglas Hyde Gallery, ‘High, Low, and In Between’, Dublin, Ireland
    Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, ‘Gezellig’, Miami FL
    Grimm Fine Art, ‘Dynamic Maximum Tension’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    MIT List Visual Art Center, ‘The Immeasurable Distance’, Cambridge MA
  • 2008
    Nicole Klagsbrun, ‘Drawings from Tlön’, Manhattan NY
    Peter Blum Chelsea, ‘Terranaut, Paintings and Sculpture’, Manhattan NY
  • 2007
    The Blanton Museum of Art, Workspace: Matthew Day Jackson, ‘Paradise Now! (The Salvage)’, Austin TX
    Mario Diacono at Ars Libri, ‘Diptych’, Boston MA
    Perry Rubenstein Gallery, ‘The Lower 48’, Manhattan NY
  • 2006
    Cubitt Artists Space, ‘Paradise Now! (Limbo) featuring “Looking for Mother Nature”’, London, England
    Mario Diacono at Ars Libri, ‘Oracle (Days of Future Passed)’, Boston MA
    Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, ‘Paradise Now!’, Portland OR
  • 2005
    Perry Rubenstein Gallery, ‘Matthew Day Jackson’, Manhattan NY
  • 2004
    The Locker Plant, Chinati Foundation, ‘By No Means Necessary’, Marfa TX
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Selected Group Exhbitions

  • 2018
    Drents Museum Assen, 'Glass Palace’, Assen, Netherlands
    Van Goghhuis, ‘After Van Gogh’, Zunden, Netherlands
    Museum Kranenburgh, ‘Naked’, Bergen, Netherlands
    Firstsite, 'Bronze Age c. 3500 BC – AD 2018', Colchester, England
  • 2017
    Yorkshire Sculpture Park, ‘Open Air’, West Bretton, UK
    Hauser & Wirth, ‘Portable Art: A Project by Celia Forner’, New York NY
    Sargent’s Daughters, ‘The Coverly Set’, New York NY
    Vicki Myhren Gallery, ‘Dusk to Dusk’, University of Denver, Denver CO
  • 2016
    Musée Rath, ‘Le Retour des Ténèbres’, Geneva, Switzerland
    College of Wooster Art Museum, ‘Dusk to Dusk’, Wooster OH
    Invisible-Exports, ‘Clifford Owens: Hard & Fast’, New York NY
    The former Los Angeles Metropolitan Medical Center, ‘Human Condition’, Los Angeles CA
    Passerelle Centre d’art contemporain, ‘Naturally Obscure,’ Brest, France
    Venus over Los Angeles, ‘Piston Head II’, Los Angeles CA
    John Wolf Art Advisory & Brokerage, ‘Human Condition’, Los Angeles CA
    Performance Ski, ‘Mount Analogue’, Aspen, CO
    Holiday Forever, ‘Invocation/Remnant’, Jackson Hole, WY
    Jack Shainman Gallery, ‘For Freedoms’, New York NY
    Collezione Maramotti, ‘Industriale Immaginario’, Reggio Emilia, Italy
    Oakland Museum of Art, ‘TAHOE: Art of the Lake Tahoe Region’, Oakland CA
  • 2015
    Joods Historisch Museum, ‘Excavating The Contemporary’, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Hauser & Wirth, ‘Salon d’Hiver’, Zurich, Switzerland
    Museum Beelden aan Zee, ‘Skelet: De armatuur van het lichaam in de hedendaagse beeldhouwkunst’, The Hague, The Netherlands
    Zuecca Project Space, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, Venice, Italy
    Nevada Museum of Art, ‘TAHOE: Art of the Lake Tahoe Region’, Reno NV
    Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘A Birds’s-eye View of the World’, Hiroshima, Japan
    Kunstmuseum Luzern, ‘Face to Face. Füssli, Böcklin, Rondinone and Others’, Lucerne, Switzerland
    Samek Art Museum, ‘Dusk to Dusk’, Lewsberg PA
    Otis College of Art and Design, ‘Dusk to Dusk’, Los Angeles CA
    Astrup Fearnley Museet, ‘Works from the Astrup Fearnley Collection’, Oslo, Norway
  • 2014
    Grimm Gallery, ‘Trieste’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Grimm Gallery, ‘Huidige zaken’, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Lille 3000, ‘Secret Passions. Private Flemish Collections’, Euralille, France
    Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen, ‘What Models Can Do’, Siegen, Germany
    Museum of Fine Arts, ‘National Pride (and Prejudice)’, Boston MA
    Susan Inglett, ‘American Beauty’, New York NY
  • 2013
    Galerie Perrotin, ‘Happy Birthday Galerie Perrotin / 25 ans’, Lille, France
    Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, ‘Anatomische Les – Van Rembrandt tot Damien Hirst’, The Hague, Netherlands
    i8 Gallery, ‘Works on Paper‘, Reykjavik, Iceland
    Marianne Boesky, ‘Trieste’, New York NY
  • 2012
    Collezione Maramotti, ‘Archetypes and Historicity: Painting and Other Radical Forms 1995 – 2007 by Mario Diacono’, Reggio Emilia, Italy
    David Roberts Art Foundation, ‘A House of Leaves’, London, England
    Federica Schiavo Gallery, ‘Trieste’, Rome, Italy
    Fundacíon Banco Santander, ‘Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection’, Madrid, Spain
    Hauser & Wirth, “Science on the back end”: Artists selected by Matthew Day Jackson, New York NY
    Mendes Wood, ‘Repeat to Fade’, Sao Paolo, Brazil
    Musée d’Art Contemporain, ‘Zoo’, Quebec, Canada
    Public Art Fund, ‘Common Ground’, New York NY
    Saatchi Gallery, ‘Out of focus: Photography’, London, England
    Vanhaerents Art Collection, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, Brussels, Belgium
  • 2011
    Ballroom Marfa, ‘Autobody: Featuring North of South West of East’, Marfa, TX
    CAB Bastille Art Center, ‘T.O.E Synergies en résonance’, Grenoble, France
    Cranbrook Art Museum, ‘No object is an Island: New Dialogues with the Cranbrook Collection’, Bloomfield Hills MI
    Gyeongnam Art Museum, ‘American Chambers: 20 American Contemporary Artists’, Gyeongnam, South Korea
    The House of the Nobleman, ‘The Return’, London, England
    Palazzo Grassi, Francois Pinault Foundation, ‘The World belongs to you’, Venice, Italy
    Rubell Family Collection / Contemporary Arts Foundation, ‘American Exuberance’, Miami FL
    Van Abbemuseum, ‘The Collectors Show’, Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Vanhaerents Art Collection, ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, Brussels, Belgium
    Walker Art Center, ‘The Spectacular of Vernacular’, Minneapolis MN
    Whitney Museum of American Art, ‘Singular Visions’, New York NY
    Zabludowicz Collection, ‘The shape we’re in (London)’, London, England
  • 2010
    Centre d’Art contemporain Passages, ‘Storytellers’, Troyes, France
    Musee Maillol, ‘C’est la vie: de caravage a Damien Hirst’, Paris, France
    Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, ‘(LEAN)’, New York NY
    Palais des Arts et du Festival, ‘Hope!’, Dinard, France
    Philips de Pury’s Space, Saatchi Gallery, ‘The Franks-Suss Collection’, London, England
    Plymouths Art Centre, ‘Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Dune”: An Exhibition of a Book That Never Was’, Plymouth, England (Travelling Exhibition)
    Princeton University Art Museum, ‘Nobody’s Property: Art, Land, Space, 2000-2010’, Princeton NJ
    Rosenblum Collection, ‘Born in Dystopia’, Paris, France
    Rubell Family Collection Contemporary Arts Foundation, ‘How Soon Now’, Miami FL
    Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, ‘Roundtrip: Beijing – New York, New Selections from the Domus Collection’, Beijing, China
  • 2009
    Art Unlimited Basel, Basel, Switzerland
    The Drawing Room, ‘Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “Dune”: An exhibition of a film of a book that never was’, London, England (Travelling Exhibition)
    Hayward Gallery Project Space, ‘Deceitful Moon’, London, England
    Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, ‘The World Is Yours’, Humlebæk, Denmark
    Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery for FIAC, ‘Matthew Day Jackson/Rashid Johnson’, Paris, France
    Palazzo Grassi / Punta della Dogana, ‘Mapping the Studio: Artists from the François Pinault Collection’, Venice, Italy
  • 2008
    Contemporary Art Museum, ‘The Old, Weird America’, Houston TX
    Gallerie Xippas, ‘Palimpset’, Paris, France
    Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, ‘Matthew Day Jackson and Sara Krajewski: The Violet Hour’, Seattle WA
    Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art, Barbican Gallery, ‘Mission: to interpret and understand contemporary art’, London, England
    Van Abbemuseum, ‘Heartland’, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 2007
    Alexandre Pollazzon Ltd, ‘Shangri La’, London, England
    Athens Biennale, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Athens, Greece (Travelling Exhibition)
    Beijing Biennale, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Beijing, China (Travelling Exhibition)
    Centre Culturel Suisse, ‘E-flux Video Rental’, Paris, France
    CSW Centrum Sztuki Wspolczesneij/Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Warsaw, Poland (Travelling Exhibition)
    Harris Lieberman, ‘The Line of Time and the Plane of Now’, New York NY
    Herning Kunstmuseum, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Herning, Denmark (Travelling Exhibition)
    Moscow Biennale, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Moscow, Russia (Travelling Exhibition)
    Perry Rubenstein Gallery, ‘Omission’, Manhattan NY
    Peter Blum Gallery, ‘Huma Bhabha and Matthew Day Jackson: Sculptures and New Print Editions’, Manhattan NY
    Rivington Arms, ‘To Build a Fire’, Manhattan NY
    Rivington Arms, ‘To Build a Fire’, New York NY
  • 2006
    House of Campari, ’25 Bold Moves’, New York NY
    John Connelly Presents, ‘Kamp: K48’, New York NY
    Mario Diacono Fine Art, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Allston MA (Travelling Exhibition)
    Museum Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Annandale-on-Hudson NY (Travelling Exhibition)
    Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, ‘Time-Based Art is Happening!’, Portland OR
    Reykjavik Art Museum, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, Reykjavik, Iceland (Travelling Exhibition)
    Royal Academy of Art, ‘USA Today’, London, England
    Serpentine Gallery, ‘Uncertain States of America – American Art in the 3rd Millennium’, London, England (Travelling Exhibition)
    White Box, ‘The Searchers’, New York NY
    Whitney Museum of American Art, Whitney Biennal, ‘Day for Night’, New York NY
    Villa Manin Centro d’arte Contemporanea, ‘Infinite Painting’, Manin, Italy
  • 2005
    Astrup Fearnley Museum, ‘The Uncertain States of America’, Oslo, Norway
    The Ballroom, ‘You Are Here’, Marfa TX
    Barbra Gladstone Gallery, ‘Bridge Freezes Before Road’, New York NY
    Perry Rubenstein Gallery, ‘Sticks and Stones’, New York NY
    PS1 Contemporary Art Center, ‘The Greater New York’, New York NY
    Public Art Fund, Metro Teach Center, ‘Material World’, New York NY
    Santa Fe Art Institute, ‘Motion’, Santa Fe NM
    Tony Oursler Studio, Metropolitan Museum of Art, ‘Studio: Seven Months of My Aesthetic Education (Plus Some) New York Version and Climaxed’, New York NY
    Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, ‘The Zine UnBound – Kults, Werewolfs and Sarcastic Hippies’, San Francisco CA
  • 2004
    Capsule Gallery, ‘Mommy! I! am! not! an! animal!’, New York NY
    Feigen Contemporary, ‘Relentless Proselytizers’, New York NY
    Samson Projects, ‘Super Salon’, Boston MA
    Valentino Pier Park, ‘Drift III’, Brooklyn NY
  • 2003
    D’amelio Terras Gallery, ‘Now Playing’, New York, NY
    Daniel Silverstein Gallery, ‘Spiritual Hunger’, New York NY
    Deitch Projects, ‘K48: Klubhouse’, Brooklyn NY
    Home of Buckminster Fuller, ‘Drift II’, Northern NJ
    Portland Museum of Art, ‘Biennial’ Portland OR
    Storefront 1838, ‘ White, Black, Yellow, Red’, New York NY
  • 2002
    ‘Drift’, Manasquan NJ
  • 2001
    Rabbett Gallery, ‘…sorta like a revelation’, New Brunswick NJ
  • 1999
    Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, ‘Sans Titre’, Boulder CO
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