Bradford in the Process Collettivo organic garden, Giudecca Women’s Prison, Venice, Italy. Photo: Agata Gravante

Process Collettivo: Behind the Book

  • Tue 16 – Fri 19 April, 4 – 6 pm

In celebration of the release of the new publication ‘Mark Bradford: Process Collettivo,’ please join us at the Hauser & Wirth Publishers Bookstore in Venice from 16 – 19 April from 4 – 6 pm to meet the artist and the people behind the publication.

In 2016, the artist Mark Bradford began a partnership with the cooperative Rio Terà dei Pensieri, an organization that creates work opportunities with and for people incarcerated and recently incarcerated in two prisons in Venice, Italy. The ongoing project, Process Collettivo, raises awareness about Rio Terà’s work through a storefront that sells goods made by the collective—providing funding for the nonprofit—and offers both resources and employment for the previously incarcerated.

This month in Venice, Hauser & Wirth Publishers will launch ‘Mark Bradford: Process Collettivo,’ a publication that documents and examines both Rio Terà’s multifaceted activities and the collaboration with Bradford, alongside a fundraising limited-edition work by the renowned American artist.

From 4 – 6 pm between Tuesday 16 and Friday 19 April, contributors to the project—including the publication’s editor Nicole R. Fleetwood, Jane Rushton from Berengo Studio, Vania Carlot and Liri Longo, Rio Terà’s current and former presidents, and Mark Bradford—will be at the Hauser & Wirth Publishers Bookstore in Venice for visitors to learn more about the book, Rio Terà, Process Collettivo and socially engaged artmaking.

Open 11 am – 6pm from 13 April – 5 May, the Hauser & Wirth Publishers Bookstore is located at 2671 Campo San Maurizio, Venice.

This event is free, with no advance booking required.

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