The Education Lab inspired by the exhibition ‘Chillida in Menorca,’ Hauser & Wirth Menorca 2024. Photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography Zürich

Education Lab Returns to Menorca: An Invitation to Look

11 May 2024

Inspired by Eduardo Chillida’s practice, the creative space invites visitors to look at the landscape and natural elements anew

This year’s Education Lab in Menorca, ‘An Invitation to Look,’ takes its starting point from the many summers Eduardo Chillida spent in Menorca and how he responded to the landscape and, in particular, the sea. Inspired by Chillida’s sculpture ‘Homenaje a la mar IV (Homage to the Sea IV)’ (1998), the Education Lab is an invitation to look closer at our natural surroundings. In the interactive space, resources will be provided to engage in activities that invite visitors to observe the landscape and artworks on Illa del Rei through new perspectives.

As part of the initiative, users of day care centers across the island created their own tributes to the sea utilizing recycled plastic collected from the coastline, in an initiative developed with NGO Menorca Preservation’s Plastic Free Menorca and Chillida Leku Museum. 

This year’s Education Lab accompanies ‘Chillida in Menorca,’ a major presentation of sculpture and works on paper that features several of the works created during Chillida’s time in Menorca.

Facilitating a platform for discovery, discussion and additional learning resources, the Education Lab is part of Hauser & Wirth’s commitment to inclusive learning programs that instigate a dialogue between art, artists and diverse audiences. Located at our galleries in Menorca, Somerset and Downtown Los Angeles, as well as at Chillida Leku Museum, each Education Lab is a collaboration with a local community group, school or university.

About ‘Chillida in Menorca’
On occasion of ‘Eduardo Chillida 100 years’ and in collaboration with the Estate of Eduardo Chillida, ‘Chillida in Menorca’ celebrates the artist’s profound connection with the island through a major presentation of sculpture and works on paper, including several created during his time in Menorca. Featuring over 60 works spanning half a century from 1949 to 2000, the exhibition exemplifies the full breadth of Chillida’s oeuvre. The presentation concept, developed by architect Luis Laplace with a focus on local materials, amplifies the artist’s bond with the island and its natural environment.

About Menorca Preservation’s Plastic Free Menorca
Menorca Preservation is a non-profit which gathers funds for local initiatives on sea preservation, sustainable agricultural development and renewable energies. Plastic Free Menorca is formed by various entities in Menorca with an important trajectory in the protection and preservation of the environment and that, through the alliance, join forces and knowledge to fight against plastic pollution.

About Chillida Leku
Chillida Leku is a unique museum created by Eduardo Chillida in his lifetime, and is a great work of art in itself where nature and art naturally come together in the space. Learn more about Chillida Leku here.

The Education Lab at Hauser & Wirth Menorca accompanies the exhibition ‘Chillida in Menorca,’ on view from 11 May 2024. Plan your visit here.