We believe that art and learning can transform and shape lives. Our diverse learning programs—open to all—stimulate interaction, dialogue and meaningful partnerships between art, artists, individuals and communities, with a focus on active engagement and creativity.

Learning Partnerships 

By making connections with other organisations, our partnerships can forge new communities, enrich academic discourse and foster access to art careers.

Apropa Cultura

Learn more about Apropa Cultura here

Arts University Bournemouth

Learn more about our partnership with Arts University Bournemouth and the 2022 Education Lab Somerset here.

Bristol Old Vic

Learn more about Bristol Old Vic here

California State University Los Angeles

Learn more about our partnership with Cal State LA here.

Culture for One

Learn more about Culture for One here.

Dartington Arts School

Learn more about our partnership with Dartington Arts School and the Gustav Metzger Foundation Scholarship here.

Drawing Room

Learn more about Drawing Room here.
© Drawing Room 2023. Photo: Dan Weill

Escola d’Art de Menorca

Learn more about Escola d’Art de Menorca and the 2021 Education Lab Menorca here.

Free Arts NYC

Learn more about Free Arts NYC here.

Fundació Persones amb Discapacitat

Learn more about the Fundació Persones amb Discapacitat here.

Grand Arts High School

Learn more about our partnership with Grand Arts High School and the 2022 Education Lab LA here.

The House of AWT Project

Learn more about The House of AWT Project here.

Inner-City Arts

Learn more about Inner-City Arts here.

Las Fotos Project

Learn more about the Las Fotos Project here.

South London Gallery

Learn more about our partnership with South London Gallery here.

Wide Rainbow

Learn more about Wide Rainbow here.

Xarxa de Biblioteques

Learn more about Xarxa de Biblioteques here.

A Garden School Foundation Family Garden Workshop at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles. Photo: smg photography | Sarah M. Golonka

Community Partnerships

Each Hauser & Wirth location is firmly embedded in the local community. The gallery has supported and worked in partnership with many institutions, businesses and organizations.

Amics de l’Òpera de Menorca

Learn more about Amics de l’Òpera de Menorca here.

Durslade Community Garden

Learn more about Durslade Community Garden here.

The Garden School Foundation

Learn more about the Garden School Foundation here.

Hospital Foundation L’illa Del Rei

Learn more about the Hospital Foundation L’illa Del Rei here.

Institut Menorquí d’Estudis (IME)

Pedra Viva

Learn more about Pedra Viva here.

Students from Escola d’Art de Menorca with Mark Bradford at the 2021 Education Lab Menorca. Photo: Daniel Schäfer

Charitable Partnerships

Our Presidents are patrons of a number of charities. Their charitable giving is focused on art, architecture, conservation, sustainability and education.

The Association of Woman in Arts

Learn more about the Association of Women in the Arts here.

Coalition for the Homeless

Learn more about Coalition for the Homeless here

Downtown Women’s Center

Learn more about the Downtown Women’s Center here.

Feeding Hong Kong

Learn more about Feeding Hong Kong here.

Hospital Rooms

Learn more about our partnership with Hospital Rooms here.


Learn more about our partnership with PILAglobal here.

UN Refugee Agency

Learn more about the UN Refugee Agency here.

World Central Kitchen

Learn more about World Central Kitchen here.

Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber

Learn more about Sozialwerk Pfarrer Sieber here.

Hauser & Wirth Somerset’s Amazing Climate Team (ACT) participate in river fly monitoring with the Brue Crew

Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability Partnerships

We have partnered with local biodiversity charities and reforestation projects, including Somerset Wildlife Trust since 2014 and the Garden School Foundation since 2017. In Menorca, we support The Menorca Preservation Fund, a Spanish Registered Foundation established in November 2017 with the aim of supporting local environmental initiatives. Our Sustainability in Action event series brings together voices across our sector in the search for effective ways to reduce the environmental impacts of the art industry.

Learn more about Environmental Sustainability at Hauser & Wirth here.

Art to Acres

Learn more about our support for Art to Acres here.


Learn more about ClientEarth here.
Photo: Dan Wilton/ClientEarth

Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC)

Learn more about the Gallery Climate Coalition here.

GOB & Centre de Recuperació de Fauna Silvestre

Learn more about GOB & the Centre de Recuperació de Fauna Silvestre here.

Menorca Preservation

Learn more about Menorca Preservation here.

Somerset Wildlife Trust

Learn more about Somerset Wildlife Trust here.

Sustainability in Action

Learn more about the ‘Sustainability in Action’ conference here.