Pedra Viva: Yarin by Kukai Dantza

  • Thu 5 September 2024
  • 7.15 – 8.15 pm

Inspired by the centenary of Eduardo Chillida’s birth, dancers Jon Maya and Andrés Marín perform a piece based on a dialogue between their Basque and Flamenco roots, accompanied by the singing of Julen Achiary. Chillida used to say that he was like a tree, with roots in the Basque country and his branches open to the world. Kukai Dantza have performed both at Pedra Viva as well as Chillida Leku, the museum devoted to the artist near San Sebastián, and develop in ‘Yarin’ a new encounter to celebrate the work of Chillida.

This performance is a collaboration with Pedra Viva, a landmark performing arts festival in Menorca which is now bringing its diverse cultural activities to the art centre. For the last ten years, Pedra Viva has organised dance performances, classical music concerts, theatre pieces and more in a range of unique outdoor environments.

Note tickets can be booked here, and a shuttle boat ticket here.