Photo: Mario de Lopez

Family Studio Workshop: Book Collages

  • Sun 26 May 2019
  • 12 – 3 pm

For the May Family Studio Workshop, participants will create collages over pages from antique books using a combination of paint, ink, and rubber stamps, inspired by Guillermo Kuitca’s 18-part piece ‘Missing Pages’ on view in the South Gallery. In ‘Missing Pages,’ Kuitca explores the accidental juxtaposition of images that occurs during the process of printing a book. Workshop participants will construct their own combinations of images using varied materials in their book collages. The workshop will be led by David P. Earle. About ‘Guillermo Kuitca’ On view in the South gallery, ‘Guillermo Kuitca’ is the first Los Angeles exhibition with acclaimed Argentine artist Guillermo Kuitca. Evoking the complex geometries and layers of architectural plans and cartographic maps, Kuitca’s paintings achieve theatrical impact as they explore themes of dislocation. This exhibition debuts two new series rendered with his distinctive melding of abstraction and figuration. ‘The Family Idiot’ series draws its title from Jean-Paul Sartre’s study of Gustave Flaubert, while ‘Missing Pages’ – an 18-part wall piece – mines the physical process of book printing, specifically the unexpected combination of images that ensues during pagination. This drop-in activity is free, however, reservations are recommended. Click here to register.

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