Bharti Kher, Artist in Residence

Hauser & Wirth Somerset

  • 20 March 2018

'You make the work, you blow life into the work and it becomes an animate, living entity on its own.'—Bharti Kher. From September to December 2017, Hauser & Wirth Somerset welcomed Bharti Kher as artist-in-residence.

Bharti Kher’s art gives form to quotidian life and its daily rituals in a way that reassesses and transforms their meaning to yield an air of magical realism. Usually living and working in New Delhi, India, her use of found objects is informed by her own position as an artist located between geographic and social milieus. Her way of working is exploratory: surveying, looking, collecting, and transforming. Kher’s work repositions the viewer’s relationship with the object, initiating a dialogue between metaphysical and material pursuits.