Paloma Proudfoot

Present Tense

27 January – 28 April 2024


About the Artist

Paloma Proudfoot works within a variety of media, including sculpture, installation, single and group performances. The London-based artist combines natural, organic materials, including hair, food or wax, with ceramics in order to create her sculptures and installations. Her works oftentimes display anatomical references and ostensibly otherworldly creature-like forms, while also depicting abstract shapes that are seemingly playful yet at the same time reflect on current topics of her own generation. 

Proudfoot implements her long-standing keen interest in clothing, textiles and fabrics, not only as materials that she incorporates into her work, but also in a technical sense. Proudfoot applies her knowledge of pattern-making to inform new and unique ways of envisioning and constructing her ceramic works. Besides her solo practice, Proudfoot also engages in several collaborative projects. She is co-director of the performance group Stasis, one half of PROUDICK, with London based ceramic artist Lindsey Mendick, as well as Proudfoot and Piasecka, together with Aniela Piasecka.

In 2022, Paloma Proudfoot’s commissioned work ‘Grief is recognized as a friend,’ was featured in Bold Tendencies in London, UK. Proudfoot’s solo exhibitions include: ‘The Three Living and The Three Dead,’ Soy Capitan Gallery, Berlin, Germany (2023); Solo booth with Soy Capitan Gallery, Artissima Art Fair, Turin, Italy (2023); and ‘The Memory Theatre,’ Bosse and Baum Gallery, London, UK (2022). Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Contested bodies,’ Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds, UK (2023); ‘Unruly Bodies,’ Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London, UK (2023); ‘In Watte und Nadeln—Konturen von Trauer (Contours of Grief),’ Galerie im Koernerpark, Berlin (2023); Group booth with Soy Capitan Gallery, Art Duesseldorf, Germany (2023); and ‘Preconscious Landscape,’ Ainaliyn Space at Exposed Art Projects, London, UK (2023).

Proudfoot holds an MFA from Royal College of Art, London (2017). She has an upcoming solo exhibition at The Lowry Museum in Manchester, UK later this year.

On View in Somerset

‘Present Tense’ is on view through 28 April 2024.