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Barrio Jauregui 66
20120 Hernani

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Chillida Leku is a unique museum created by Eduardo Chillida in his lifetime, and is a great work of art in itself. Nature and art naturally come together in the space which encompasses more than 40 large scale sculptures that are integrated into the landscape as though they had always been part of it. In the garden, beech, oak and magnolia trees live alongside the monumental steel and granite sculptures of Eduardo Chillida, situated in perfect dialogue with their surroundings.


Chillida Leku is designed as a large open space that can be traversed in different ways. There is no one route through it. True to the artist’s philosophy, the visitor can be guided through the space by their own intuition, following the “scent” of the works. In referring to his own work process, Chillida himself was “guided by a scent.”

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The Chillida Leku Education Department brings visitors closer to the work of Eduardo Chillida and to the museum program. Staying true to the artist’s philosophy that “art isn’t taught”, the museum’s tours and activities offer a direct experience of Chillida’s artworks based on observation, experimentation, reflection and action.

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