Film still from Joan Miro, the Inner Fire (2018) ©️ Minimal Films, CPB Films, TV3, Arte

  • Thu Sep 12 2019, 07:00 PM

Special Screening: Joan Miro, the Inner Fire

Joan Miro, the Inner Fire (2018) Directed by Albert Solé Duration: 50 mins One of the aims of this new documentary project is to understand the profound mark that Miró left on modern art, design and iconography, a mark that is becoming increasingly larger and encompasses more artistic disciplines. This documentary aims to investigate Miró’s influence in the most unexpected places to understand how it is growing around the world. The project reflects on a lesser-known aspect of Miró too – that of a tireless creator capable of destroying his own work, and of a brilliant artist who often feared that his art would lose its ability to provoke. This sometimes self-destructive impulse, spilled over into his personal surroundings ‘Miró is a treasure by day, but can be a monster by night.’

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