Education Lab Returns to Menorca: An Invitation to Look

11 May 2024

This year’s Education Lab in Menorca, ‘An Invitation to Look,’ takes its starting point from the many summers Eduardo Chillida spent in Menorca and how he responded to the landscape and, in particular, the sea. Inspired by Chillida’s sculpture ‘Homenaje a la mar IV (Homage to the Sea IV)’ (1998), the Education Lab is an invitation to look closer at our natural surroundings. In the interactive space, resources will be provided to engage in activities that invite visitors to observe the landscape and artworks on Illa del Rei through new perspectives.

New Works in Menorca’s Outdoor Sculpture Trail

10 May 2024

Presented alongside the gallery buildings are four outdoor sculptures by gallery artists, and embedded in the natural landscape of Illa del Rei.

Eduardo Chillida: Celebrating 100 Years

10 January 2024

At Chillida Leku, the museum created by Eduardo Chillida during his lifetime, the exhibition ‘Maeght Universe’ brings together works by great masters who frequented Fondation Maeght and shared its creative and utopian atmosphere, including Alexander Calder, Alberto Giacometti, Hans Arp, Barbara Hepworth and Joan Miró, among others. With works by a total of 11 artists presented in dialogue with works by the Spanish artist at the museum, the exhibition helps to better understand Chillida’s work and its place in art history.

New Exhibition Climate Impact Report

23 February 2023

‘Eduardo Chillida’ at our Somerset gallery in 2022, was the second in a series of Hauser & Wirth exhibitions to receive a carbon emissions calculation. The gallery team worked to produce an environmentally-conscious exhibition, developing an understanding of decision making involved in planning a show that took into account carbon emissions and waste.

Experience Summer at Hauser & Wirth

21 July 2021

With summer in full swing, plan a trip or experience some of our spaces and exhibitions from home. Our new galleries in Menorca and Monaco are now open and feature never before seen works by Mark Bradford and Louise Bourgeois respectively. Below is a list of exhibitions open to the public this summer in each of our locations.

Chillida Leku to reopen in April 2019

10 January 2019

Chillida Leku will reopen its doors to the public on Wednesday 17 April 2019, marking a new era for this important cultural site. Founded by Eduardo Chillida during his lifetime, it is home to the most comprehensive body of works by the artist. Since first opening in 2000, this museum dedicated to Eduardo Chillida has upheld its mission to promote and conserve his work.

Hauser & Wirth Editions

23 October 2018

Printmaking is a critical element within the practice of many of Hauser & Wirth’s artists. For some, the blank plate or paper offers a space for pure material experimentation, a liberation from theory, and a return to the raw creative act. Others find comfort and respite in the precision required by the etching plate or the rigid mechanics of the press, which become the antithesis to the ambiguity and accidental nature of paint, charcoal, or clay. The resulting prints offer powerful insights into creative processes and allow viewers to better understand artists’ perspectives on the world.