Experience Summer at Hauser & Wirth

With summer in full swing, plan a trip or experience some of our spaces and exhibitions from home. Our new galleries in Menorca and Monaco are now open and feature never before seen works by Mark Bradford and Louise Bourgeois respectively. Below is a list of exhibitions open to the public this summer in each of our locations.

New York

Tetsumi Kudo. Metamorphosis 5 May – 30 July 2021

In a wide-ranging practice spanning four decades, postwar Japanese artist Tetsumi Kudo (1935 – 1990) explored the effects of mass consumerism, the rise of technology, and ecological degradation on post-war society through satirical, critical, elaborately detailed and meticulously constructed environments that continue to exert a powerful influence on artists today. ‘Tetsumi Kudo. Metamorphosis,’ the artist’s first exhibition at Hauser & Wirth New York, focuses upon the late artist’s idea of metamorphosis which emphasizes the need for personal and collective spiritual evolution beyond the values of Western Humanism, which he believed caused war, racism, and colonialism, and alienated people from the natural environment.

Frank Bowling – London / New York 5 May – 30 July 2021

Reflecting the scale and scope of a prodigious six-decade career that has unfolded while criss-crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Sir Frank Bowling’s inaugural exhibition with Hauser & Wirth will be presented in both the gallery’s London and New York locations simultaneously. With works on view spanning over 50 years of the British icon’s career from 1967 to the present day, ‘Frank Bowling – London / New York’ celebrates the ways in which one artist’s inventive approach to the materiality of paint has expanded the boundaries of abstraction.

Installation view, ‘Tetsumi Kudo. Metamorphisis’, Hauser & Wirth New York, 22nd Street, 2021 © 2021 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris. Photo: Thomas Barratt. Courtesy Hiroko Kudo, the Estate of Tetsumi Kudo

Installation view, ‘David Smith. Follow My Path’, Hauser & Wirth New York, 69th street, 2021 © David Smith. Photo: Thomas Barratt

David Smith. Follow My Path 27 April – 30 July 2021

In a 1952 lecture at the Detroit Institute of Arts, David Smith (1906 – 1965) described the inspiration behind one of his recent sculptures, saying ‘My wish is that you travel by perception the path which I traveled in creating it. That same wish goes for the rest of my work.’ Taking its title from his remarks, ‘David Smith: Follow My Path’ is on view at Hauser & Wirth New York, 69th Street. The exhibition invites viewers to explore the daring artistic processes by which Smith revolutionized notions of sculpture’s form and function, embarking on new terrain in the field of abstraction. A member of the abstract expressionist generation, Smith eschewed the conventional sculptural methods of casting and carving in favor of modern industrial techniques and materials such as torch-cutting and welding iron and steel. Working first in Brooklyn and then largely in isolation in the remote hamlet of Bolton Landing in the Adirondack Mountains, he produced art inspired by transitory connections between human experience and nature, works that are at once self-contained yet expressively expansive.

Xina Xurner and Christopher Richmond, Xina Xurner: Burn Slow (still), 2015

Ridykes’ Cavern of Fine Gay Wine and Videos: Hauser & Werk Bitch: Don’t Be Mad At Us! 2 – 30 July 2021

‘Ridykes’ Cavern of Fine Gay Wine and Videos: Hauser & Werk Bitch: Don’t Be Mad At Us!’ takes place in the new Hauser & Wirth/ToysЯUs merger space in Chelsea, and provides a steady stream of looped videos from the most renowned LGBTQQUIPNBACK2SAD+* -identified video artists in the world: Mickey Aloisio, Qais Assali, Charles Atlas, My Barbarian, Morgan Bassichis & Sasha Wortzel, Meriem Bennani & Orian Barki, The Divine David, Zackary Drucker, Miguel Gutierrez, K8 Hardy, Young Joon Kwak, Christopher Richmond & Xina Xurner, Regina José Galindo, Kyli Kleven, Lily Marotta, Ryan McNamara, Tabita Rezaire, Jacolby Satterwhite, and Paul Mpagi Sepuya.

Henry Taylor, WE WAS WATCHING HIM, BUT THEY REALLY WAS WATCHING US, 2018 (detail) © Henrey Taylor

Henry Taylor. Disappeared but a tiger showed up, later 1 July – 1 August 2021

Los Angeles-based artist Henry Taylor presents a focused selection of recent paintings and sculptures at Hauser & Wirth Southampton. The exhibition includes a group of rarely seen works known as the Jockeys and Caddies, which Taylor began in 2018, based on archival photography of country clubs and horse races dating back to the 1920s. Together, these poignant paintings narrate the history of Black jockeys, caddies, and professional golfers, who navigated these predominantly white and racially exclusionary games. In discussing the series, Taylor shares, ‘I remember when there were a lot of Black caddies. My mom cleaned houses for a living and now the maids are Hispanic. Different people disappear. Jockeys disappeared. The caddies disappeared. That was enough reason for me to paint them.’


Frank Bowling – London / New York 21 May – 31 July 2021

Reflecting the scale and scope of a prodigious six-decade career that has unfolded while criss-crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Sir Frank Bowling’s inaugural exhibition with Hauser & Wirth takes place in both the gallery’s London and New York locations simultaneously. With works on view spanning over 50 years of the British icon’s career from 1967 to the present day, ‘Frank Bowling – London / New York’ celebrates the ways in which one artist’s inventive approach to the materiality of paint has expanded the boundaries of abstraction.

Ellen Gallagher. Ecstatic Draught of Fishes 21 May – 31 July 2021

Ellen Gallagher builds intricate, multi-layered works that pivot between the natural world, mythology and history. Her process involves undoing and reforming trains of thought often over long periods of time and across linked bodies of works. This exhibition presents new large-scale paintings and watercolour works on paper by the artist, including a continuation of her Watery Ecstatic works (2001—ongoing) and a recent series of paintings Ecstatic Draught of Fishes begun in 2019.

Installation view, ‘Jack Whitten’, Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong, 2021 © Jack Whitten

Installation view, ‘Frank Bowling. London / New York,’ Hauser & Wirth London, 2021 © Frank Bowling. Photo: Alex Delfanne

Hong Kong

Jack Whitten 30 March – 31 July 2021

Our Hong Kong gallery presents American abstractionist Jack Whitten’s first solo exhibition in Asia. Celebrated for his innovative processes of applying paint to the surface of his canvases and transfiguring their material terrains, Whitten’s work bridges rhythms of gestural abstraction and process art, arriving at a nuanced language of painting that hovers between mechanical automation and intensely personal expression.

Installation view, ‘Lygia Pape. Tupinambá,’ Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles, 2021 © Projeto Lygia Pape. Photo: Fredrik Nilsen

Los Angeles

In Focus: LA Artists 8 July – 22 August 2021

Hauser & Wirth spotlights its Los Angeles artists with a multimedia group presentation of nearly 30 artworks. ‘In Focus: LA Artists’ showcases the groundbreaking techniques, diverse viewpoints, and intergenerational relationships of the gallery artists who call one of the world’s most creative cities home: Larry Bell, Mark Bradford, Charles Gaines, Richard Jackson, Paul McCarthy, Christina Quarles, Gary Simmons, Henry Taylor, Diana Thater, and the late artists Luchita Hurtado, Mike Kelley, and Jason Rhoades. On the occasion of Hauser & Wirth’s 5-year anniversary in the Arts District and in celebration of the community that has been integral to its vision for nearly 30 years, the presentation highlights the lasting contributions of the artists and foreground their influential practices, which have been instrumental in making Los Angeles an international capital of artistic innovation and arts education.

Lygia Pape. Tupinambá 24 April – 8 August 2021

A significant Brazilian artist of her generation and a founding member of Brazil’s Neo-Concrete movement, Lygia Pape (1927 – 2004) favored the primacy of the viewer’s sensorial experience and its role in everyday life. Examining the artist’s unique reframing of geometry, abstraction and poetry, ‘Tupinambá’ is the first solo exhibition in Los Angeles dedicated to Pape’s work and is organized with Projeto Lygia Pape and Olivier Renaud-Clément. Central to the show will be the Tupinambá series, one of the artist’s final bodies of work, revealing her desire to create more immersive experiences beyond the conventional boundaries of life and art.


Mika Rottenberg 11 June – 27 August 2021

Considered one of the most significant figures working in the video medium today, Argentina-born and New York-based artist Mika Rottenberg is devoted to a rigorous practice that combines film, installation, and sculpture. Exploring ideas of labour and the production of value in our contemporary hyper-capitalist world, Rottenberg shrewdly blends factual documentation and studio-built fiction to reveal the hidden dynamism of everyday systems and economies. For the artist’s first exhibition at Hauser & Wirth, Rottenberg’s most recent and acclaimed video work, ‘Spaghetti Blockchain’ (2019), which debuted at New Museum in New York, is on view at the Zurich gallery. In addition, Rottenberg will show for the first time three kinetic sculptures and new drawings made in the last year, which will be shown alongside video work ‘Sneeze’ (2012) and mechanical sculptures ‘Finger’ (2019) and ‘Ponytail (Gray)’ (2019). The exhibition precedes Rottenberg’s major upcoming solo exhibition opening 7 October at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek, Denmark, which will premiere the artist’s first feature-length film titled ‘Remote’ (2021), created with Mahyad Tousi.

Guillermo Kuitca 11 June – 27 August 2021

Informed by the worlds of architecture, music, theater and cartography, Guillermo Kuitca’s paintings seek to incite the potential for a theatrical experience. The celebrated Argentine artist returns to our Zurich gallery with an exhibition of new and recent work exploring these long-standing motifs. Exhibited across the ground floor of the gallery, the presentation is divided into three distinct bodies of works: paintings from The Family Idiot series first exhibited in Los Angeles in 2019, new works including Kuitca’s House Plan series made during the 2020 lockdown in Buenos Aires, and the artist’s ongoing Theatre series. The exhibition opens during Zurich Art Weekend’s June edition, and coincides with two major museum presentations: Kuitca’s curated exhibition of the Fondation Cartier’s collection at the Triennale di Milano, and ‘Guillermo Kuitca – Dénouement’at Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne, the first exhibition devoted to the artist in France for more than twenty years.

Installation view, ‘Gustav Metzger,’ Hauser & Wirth Somerset, 2021 © The Estate of Gustav Metzger and The Gustav Metzger Foundation. Photo: Ken Adlard

Installation view, ‘Eduardo Chillida,’ Hauser & Wirth Somerset, 2021 © Zabalaga Leku. San Sebastián, VEGAP (2021). Photo: Ken Adlard


Gustav Metzger 26 June – 12 September 2021

Gustav Metzger (1926-2017) radically challenged our understanding of art, its relation to reality and our existence within society. His uncompromising commitment to combat environmental destruction was fundamental to his questioning of the role of the artist and the act of artmaking as a vehicle for change. Hauser & Wirth’s inaugural exhibition of Metzger’s work in Somerset provides a focused look at works that explore the intersection between human intervention, nature and man-made environments, ideas the artist continued to interrogate over a six decade career.

Eduardo Chillida 26 June – 12 September 2021

One of the foremost Spanish sculptors of the twentieth century, Eduardo Chillida (1924 – 2002) is widely celebrated for his monumental public sculptures and enduring fascination with interconnected shape, space and organic form. Chillida challenged the constraints of materials such as iron and steel to redefine the language of postwar sculpture, drawing on a deep connection to his native Basque region. Chillida’s public sculptures were commissioned globally and he travelled extensively to Paris, Greece, Umbria, Tuscany, Rome and Provence, each informing new artistic paths.

Installation view, ‘Louise Bourgeois. Maladie de l’Amour’ Hauser & Wirth Monaco, 2021 © The Easton Foundation / ADAGP, Paris

Installation view, ‘Louise Bourgeois. Maladie de l’Amour’ Hauser & Wirth Monaco, 2021 © The Easton Foundation / ADAGP, Paris


Louise Bourgeois. Maladie de l’Amour 19 June – 26 September 2021

The inaugural exhibition at Hauser & Wirth in Monaco, ‘Louise Bourgeois. Maladie de l’Amour’ explores the motif of the couple and its discontents through a selection of sculptures, installations, and works on paper. For Bourgeois, the relation to the Other has a fundamental importance, yet the desire for the Other carries within it the fear of rejection, abandonment, and isolation.

St. Moritz

Map and Territory. Environmental Art from the Panza Collection 9 July – 3 October 2021

Over the course of five decades, internationally renowned collectors Giuseppe and Giovanna Panza built a remarkable contemporary art collection of works by minimal and conceptual artists. As part of Hauser & Wirth’s ongoing collaboration, the gallery hosts ‘Map and Territory. Environmental Art from the Panza Collection’ in St. Moritz, an exhibition focusing on the relationship between the environment and minimal art. A collection of unparalleled depth, the Panzas played a fundamental role in introducing American modern art movements to European museums. In particular, Dr. Giuseppe Panza was a pioneer of land and environmental art, and even sought to create the first environmental art museum, an unrealised project. This exhibition brings together a selection of sculptures, drawings, and photography by esteemed artists from the collection, including Martin Puryear, Roni Horn, Richard Nonas, David Tremlett, Jan Dibbets, Hamish Fulton, Emil Lukas, Gregory Mahoney, Christiane Löhr, Ron Griffin, and Carole Seborovski.


Mark Bradford. Masses and Movements 19 July – 31 October 2021

Mark Bradford’s ‘Masses and Movements’, inaugurates the gallery’s newest location on Isla del Rey in the port of Mahon in Menorca. For his first exhibition in Spain the artist presents an installation of globe sculptures, a site-specific wall painting, and a suite of new canvases based on a sixteenth-century map of the world thought to feature the first use of the name ‘America’ in print. ‘Masses and Movements’ extends across seven gallery spaces. Integral to the exhibition is a new social engagement project that Bradford is collaborating on to bring arts education to immigrant communities and a display that highlights the global immigration crisis. Continuing his career-long exploration of the systems that oppress marginalised populations, Bradford’s newest exhibition features work rich in both formal and allegorical complexity, reasserting the importance of abstraction to understand the world we live in and confirming his place among the most important artists working today.

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