Ellen Gallagher and Pipilotti Rist elected as Honorary Academicians by the Royal Academy of Art

25 November 2021

At a recent General Assembly meeting, the Royal Academy of Arts elected Ellen Gallagher and Pipilotti Rist as Honorary Academicians. The announcement of the two artists as new Honorary Academicians comes alongside the election of Amanda Levete as a Royal Academician in the category of Architecture.

Pipilotti Rist takes over Casa Gstaad this summer

22 June 2021

Pipilotti Rist has conceived the site-specific light installation ‘Seelenlichter (Soul Lights)’ for the opening presentation at the Casa Gstaad chalet. In this artistic intervention, natural light floats through tinted windows, transforming the mountain chalet into a universe of its own. The artist perceives each window as both an eye to the soul and to the outside world, offering a moment of reflection and contemplation in joyful multicolour. Rist has used this kind of intervention for museum exhibitions for over 20 years, explaining that ‘the window becomes one big pixel and is no dark hole anymore’.

Pipilotti Rist at Kunsthaus Zurich reviewed by Art Review

12 February 2018

Pipilotti Rist's survey exhibition opens with the four oval videos of Administrating Eternity (2011): meandering sheep, foliage, fruit, loops of refracted light and devouring mouths projected onto several dozen white-gauze strips suspended from the ceiling.