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Durslade Farm
Dropping Lane, Bruton
Somerset BA10 0NL
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2 Oct 2021 – 3 Jan 2022, Somerset

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26 Jun 2021 – 3 Jan 2022, Somerset


Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset

  • 1. Marcin Rusak Flora_Lens_65_Black_Spring_Summer_Marcin_Rusak_Studio_Photo_Credit_Mathijs_Labadie_00_2021

    27 Nov 2021 – 29 Jan 2022

    Wilder than Wildness itself

    Make, Somerset

    Five acclaimed artist-makers have originated new multidisciplinary works in response to Oudolf Field, a 1.5-acre perennial meadow designed by Piet Oudolf at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. A living canvas, the garden passes from the vigour of the growing season to the poignancy of decay. In summer...

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  • 1.Rift, Installation View

    18 Sep – 13 Nov 2021


    Make, Somerset

    This autumn three artist-makers will present new bodies of work that push material boundaries, and further explore contemporary craft practice. Harry Morgan exploits the properties of opposites, through the juxtaposition of fragile glass and immutable concrete; Adam Buick submits his ceramic...

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  • 3 Max Bainbridge, Abigail Booth, Installation View

    17 Jul – 4 Sep 2021


    Make, Somerset

    For the exhibition ‘Biophilia’, artists Abigail Booth and Max Bainbridge examine the complex relationship and innate affinity of humankind with the natural world at a time of critical change. Reflecting on how their own psyches continue to be shaped by interactions with plants, trees, and...

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  • 1. Alexander deVol Adrift, 2021

    8 May – 3 Jul 2021


    Make, Somerset

    ‘My works are imbued with the complimentary intentions of nature and the human hand; the dynamic relationship between material and maker’—Alexander deVol. Alexander deVol presents sculptures and wall works inspired by the fluency of fractal patterns in nature, informed by the tacit motions of...

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  • 1.The IoR Installation View

    8 May – 3 Jul 2021

    The Impossibility of Repetition

    Make, Somerset

    Human existence is based on the pulse of repetition; the beat of a heart, the rhythm of the day, the cycle of seasons, though these innate relationships are strained in modern life. For the ceramicist, making can be contemplative; there is solace in the creating of an object, remaking, and...

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  • Adi Toch- Antipode 2021

    6 Mar – 24 Apr 2021


    Make, Somerset

    ‘Vessels and containers are an innate method of communication. They convey a narrative of gathering, holding and storing. Not only do they surround us in our daily lives, but they also shape our perception of the world and the division between the inside and out.’—Adi Toch This spring, Make...

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  • Romilly Saumarez Smith

    21 Nov 2020 – 27 Feb 2021


    Make, Somerset

    Acts of gathering and assembling often reveal the overlooked and unseen, the ordinary and extraordinary. Four artist makers, each with a distinct visual language, seek to retrieve traces and narratives in nature and landscape through material explorations. This deeply personal autumnal...

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  • Luke Eastop Grouping Photo Luke Eastop 2020

    12 Sep – 14 Nov 2020

    Hand and Land 

    Make, Somerset

    Emerging from this time of reflection, a rare opportunity exists for a collective re-thinking of the value we place upon the objects we choose to surround ourselves with. Contemporary craft offers a deep engagement with a conscious process and exploration of materials – the desire for harmony...

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  • realisingform_13

    9 Apr – 31 Aug 2020

    Realising Form

    Make, Somerset

    ‘Realising Form’ invites a dialogue between six makers from across the British Isles and Ireland, each who share a rigorous and intuitive approach to unearthing objects and vessels, handcrafted in clay, iron, concrete, glass and Jesmonite. The exhibition explores material possibilities from...

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  • Make disrupt lead image 1

    11 Jan – 21 Mar 2020


    Make, Somerset

    ‘dis/rupt’ presents new and existing work by two contemporary makers, London-based Jochen Holz and Belfast-based Derek Wilson. Unique to both makers is a reinterpretation of their materials, exploring notions of functionality, the familiar, and the abstract, each challenging the properties and...

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  • Juli Bolaños-Durman

    19 Oct 2019 – 1 Jan 2020

    Re.Use, Re.Think, Re.Imagine

    Make, Somerset

    The exhibition presents the work of seven UK-based experimental artists and makers, whose practice explores unique responses to materials and process. The group exhibition will feature new and existing works, spanning glass, ceramics, found objects, textiles and furniture. Whether repurposing,...

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  • David-Yard02

    17 Aug – 12 Oct 2019

    David Gates: in dialogue

    Make, Somerset

    Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset is delighted to present ‘David Gates: in dialogue’, an exploration of containment, materiality, and the desire to collect, assemble, order and display. David Gates combines studio-furniture making with formal research, creating three-dimensional pieces inspired by...

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  • Nic Webb_Lost Vessel 2012_Tif Hunter

    8 Jun – 10 Aug 2019

    common ground

    Make, Somerset

    ‘common ground’ presents works by two highly acclaimed makers: Nic Webb, an artist working with wood and clay, and Akiko Hirai, a ceramicist nominated for this year‘s Loewe Craft Prize. Nic Webb uses a combination of traditional skills and less conventional, experimental processes, to explore...

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  • ABTall Ash -  57 x 55cm dia

    6 Apr – 1 Jun 2019

    west lands

    Make, Somerset

    ‘west lands’ celebrates the work of makers who are based in, or have a strong connection with, the South West. Whether working with locally sourced willow, ash wood or sheep’s fleece, materials from the region have been incorporated into many of the works on show. Equally, an exploration of...

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  • Adam Buick Ceramic Journey Jar

    9 Feb – 30 Mar 2019

    Retracing Nature

    Make, Somerset

    Both Adam Buick and Stuart Cairns explore their natural environment and local landscape through their work, united by a common interest in material and place. Occupying a single room each at Make, their work sits parted as does their physical practice, facing each other across the Irish Sea....

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  • Make_06_MW

    1 Dec 2018 – 2 Feb 2019

    Levelling Traditions

    Make, Somerset

    Make’s second exhibition entitled ‘Levelling Traditions’ brings together nine artist-makers united by an intimate understanding of material. Each was invited to create original works to interpret themes of rural life and traditions, the land, the domestic and the intimate – a world in which...

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  • Make_09

    28 Sep – 24 Nov 2018

    Opening Narratives

    Make, Somerset

    With the resurgence of interest in craft skills, the landscape of making is changing and with it a dynamic generation of young makers with a shared passion for knowledge, process and materials has come to the fore. The makers exhibited possess an intimate understanding of their material and...

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