Architectural Drawing Summer School, Hauser & Wirth Somerset, 2019. Courtesy Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Vincent Evans⁠

Practical Notes on Group Visits to Hauser & Wirth Somerset

Hauser & Wirth Somerset offers group tours, talks and tailored events. Pre-booking is essential for both self-directed visits and groups who wish to book a tour. Group leaders are asked to complete and submit a booking enquiry form at least two weeks in advance of your proposed visit. We accept group bookings Tuesday – Friday.

Register your interest in an educational booking here.

Register your interest in a special interest group booking here.

Sign-up to our Learning emailer, to find out about upcoming opportunities for Teachers and Schools here.

If you would like to discuss options for a group visit to Hauser & Wirth Somerset, please call our Learning Team on +44 1749 814060.

Booking Process
The Learning Team will be in touch by email within three working days to either confirm the visit, or if they are unable to accommodate the request, suggest an alternative option. All visiting groups will have the opportunity to take part in tours led by the Learning Team which are tailored to meet the specific needs, interests and learning objectives of the audience.

Prior to the Visit
Groups will receive confirmation of their booking by email as well as Directions, Programme for the Visit, links to relevant online Resources and the Code of Conduct.

Format of Visit
Groups will arrive by coach or minibus where they will meet the Learning Team. After an initial welcome by the Learning Assistant, the Group will be organised into parties of no more than 15 students (20 adults) and they will begin staggered tours around the galleries, meadow garden and outdoor sculpture. Tours will last approximately 90 minutes.

Picnic Facilities
School groups will be invited to bring a snack / packed lunch which they can eat in the Learning Room (or picnic directly outside the Learning Room, when appropriate).

Ratio of Staff to Students
The recommended ratio of school staff (or adults helpers) to students is 1:5 (aged 5 – 6 years), 1:10 (aged 7 – 10 years), 1:15 (aged 11– 18 years).

Risk Assessment and Staff Responsibility
Students will remain the responsibility of teaching staff at all times and must be accompanied at all times including to the toilets. Visiting groups will be asked to have a register to hand, in the event of a fire alarm.

All visiting groups will be responsible for carrying out their own risk assessment. Although every effort will be taken to ensure visitors safety no responsibility can be accepted for any accident or loss by Hauser & Wirth Somerset. A downloadable copy of our Risk Assessment will be available from the website.

Teacher-led Visits
Groups will be encouraged to participate in our programme of gallery and garden tours which will be led by our Learning Team. We do however anticipate requests from groups to be self-directed and teacher-led.

These requests will be managed on a case by case basis depending on the age of the students, size of the group and how frequently the organisation uses the gallery as a resource. We feel it is important to avoid over-crowding in the galleries and to ensure that each group gets the most from their visit.

We would like the Learning Programme to be as inclusive as possible and look forward to welcoming groups with disabilities or special educational needs. All public areas will be accessible for wheelchair users.

Code of Conduct in the Galleries and Garden
Students will be asked to observe the following:

  • No rucksacks and large bags in the galleries
  • No touching artworks
  • No shouting or unruly behaviour
  • No running in the galleries or the garden
  • No food or drink in the galleries or the garden
  • Mobile phones should not be used in the galleries or the garden.

Appropriate clothing must be worn for your visit, outdoor shoes appropriate for the garden must be worn, no high heels, waterproofs if necessary.

Drawing Materials
Groups will only be permitted to use pencil and paper in the galleries.   No other materials – including glue, pen, or scissors – are allowed.

Gift Shop
Whilst there is an on-site gift shop we do not encourage visiting groups of children to use the shop. In the event that the school / college wishes to permit their group to visit the shop, we ask that they do so only in groups of four accompanied by an adult.

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