In Conversation: ‘Weaving the Image’ with Mary Moore and Edith Cheung

To celebrate the exhibition ‘Henry Moore. Tapestries’,  Hauser & Wirth invited Mary Moore—the only child of the British artist and textile enthusiast Edith Cheung to discuss the creation of the tapestries.

About the Exhibition
Hauser & Wirth presents rarely seen tapestries by Henry Moore. A series of five large-scale tapestries will be shown, courtesy of the Henry Moore Family Collection, for the first time in Asia. Renowned for his sculptures and drawings, Henry Moore was one of the few modern artists to extend his work into the realm of tapestry. The brilliance of the drawings is confirmed in their transition into large tapestries, seven or eight times the size of the original. These lost nothing of their power in the process, retaining all the textural qualities of the drawing, from a smudgy chalk line to a decisive pen stroke.

About Mary Moore
Mary Moore is the only child of British artist and sculptor Henry Moore. Together with Mary’s mother Irina, they founded the Henry Moore Foundation, the first single artist foundation in the UK. Mary Moore has curated numerous exhibitions and written extensively on her father’s life and work as well as appearing on radio and television programmes internationally.

Alongside promoting and protecting her father’s legacy, Mary Moore runs a vintage clothing store in Dorset.

About Edith Cheung
Textile Enthusiast / Textile Catalyst
Trained as a Fashion Designer in Hong Kong, Edith has worked in New York and Europe, where she hungrily fed herself with textiles of the world. She then returned to Hong Kong and worked on costumes for the film industry for a decade. Since 2000, she has been a curator and writer of textile culture and advisor to institutes, archives and museums. She takes an interest in all textile-related matters, ancient and modern, east and west.


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