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New York, 22nd Street

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548 West 22nd Street
New York 10011
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Open Tuesday – Saturday

Open Tuesday – Saturday

10 am – 6 pm

Closed Sundays and Mondays



25 Apr – 26 Jul 2019, New York, 22nd Street

SIMPS92354 - 'Darkening' (2018)

25 Apr – 26 Jul 2019, New York, 22nd Street


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Tue 18 Jun 2019, 6 pm

Printed & Bound: Accordions

New York, 22nd Street

Hauser & Wirth Publishers presents Printed & Bound a ten-part series of workshops exploring the ancient, durable, and creative processes of bookmaking led by artist Celine Lombardi from the Center...


Wed 19 Jun 2019, 6 pm

Artist’s Choice Summer Film Series: ‘Blade Runner’, selected by Jenny Holzer

New York, 22nd Street

Hauser & Wirth’s 3rd Annual Summer Film Series kicks off with Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’, selected by Jenny Holzer. In the 21st century, a corporation develops human clones to be used as...


Hauser & Wirth’s temporary downtown location, 548 West 22nd Street, is a beautiful 4-story masonry structure that hosted Dia Art Foundation’s exhibitions from 1987 to 2004. In addition its expansive gallery spaces, the 22nd Street location houses Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ first Bookshop and the Roth Bar. The space acts as a hub for artists, students and the local community, presenting a range of public programs conceived by Hauser & Wirth Publishers with curators, writers and other collaborators.

Hauser & Wirth has announced construction of a new multi-story building on 542 West 22nd Street, which will stand on a footprint of 7,400 square feet. Under the continued direction of partner and vice president Marc Payot, it will host an ambitious program of public exhibitions, projects, and events that spotlight the work of some of the most respected and challenging artists of the day, including emerging and established talents, as well as landmark artists whose estates the gallery represents.


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The 22nd Street gallery is home to the Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ Bookshop, which features artists’ books, limited editions and curated displays of rare and archival materials. Hauser & Wirth Publishers plays a central role in the gallery’s identity and program, and offers dozens of titles representing the Hauser & Wirth’s quarter-century history of exhibitions, projects, and research. Each publication seeks to encourage understanding about contemporary art, promoting discourse and appreciation by bringing new, sometimes overlooked, aspects of an artist’s creative practice into focus.

    Roth Bar


    Adjacent to the Hauser & Wirth Publishers Bookshop is the Roth Bar, a specially crafted café and bar made from locally sourced salvaged materials, designed by Björn, Oddur and Einar Roth, son and grandsons of German-born Swiss artist Dieter Roth. The Roth Bar serves a rotating selection of cocktails and seasonal fare based on ingredients sourced from local farms.


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