Matthew Day Jackson

February 25 - June 1, 2013

Hauser & Wirth Outdoor Sculpture

'All art is a self-portrait, but at the same time, the source of the form, combined with the material that creates the form, is a further meditation on the material used to make sculpture. This meditation is a continuation of a dialogue about the material that we use to describe who we are, beyond our flesh'. – Matthew Day Jackson in conversation with Becky Poostchi Hauser & Wirth is proud to present Matthew Day Jackson's polished stainless steel sculpture, 'Always anyone, anywhere, anything, anytime and for any reason' as part of Hauser & Wirth Outdoor Sculpture. Jackson's work seeks out the limits of human knowledge and perception. His practice explores the notions of universal interconnectivity, achieving both monumentality in its scale and intimacy through its reference of the artist's own body. Jackson's stainless steel sculpture is modeled on the front profile of the artist's body rotated 360 degrees, an industrialised self-portrait that literally faces the world from every angle. 'Always anyone, anywhere, anything, anytime and for any reason' looks out over the garden, its external surroundings reflected in its highly polished, mirrored surface. By utilising his body as the unit of measurement for his sculpture, Jackson strives to understand the world relationally. As such, the piece depicts the artist who is made out of the world that, in turn, is reflected in the artist.

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