Family Studio Workshop: Geta Brătescu

  • Sun 25 March 2018
  • 12 pm

Join us for a hands-on Family Studio Workshop that will explore themes of our exhibition ‘Geta Brătescu. The Leaps of Aesop.About the Studio Brătescu’s animated film ‘Aesop’s Walk’ (1967) on view in North B gallery will serve as inspiration for families to create their own ‘Animation Cell’ by using felt tip markers, colored transparencies, and glue. Families will be encouraged to construct a character from their imagination and build a simple story around their character. One moment from that story will be immortalized as the aforementioned ‘Animation cell.’ The workshop will be led by Matt MacFarland. Educators will be available every half hour, beginning at 12.00 pm, to guide children and parents on walkthroughs of ‘Geta Brătescu. The Leaps of Aesop’ to view the work that inspired the project as they arrive for the workshop. About Geta BrătescuGeta Brătescu. The Leaps of Aesop’ is the first Los Angeles solo presentation devoted to the 92-year-old Romanian Conceptualist. Her diverse body of work – comprising drawing, collage, engraving, textiles, and photography, as well as experimental film, video, and performance – contains themes of identity, gender, and dematerialization, often drawing from the stories of literary characters and addressing the relationship between art making and working environments. This drop-in activity is free, however, reservations are recommended. Click here to register.