Sara Ouhaddou

I Give You Back What’s Mine / You Give Me Back What’s Yours

I Give You Back What’s Mine / You Give Me Back What’s Yours

2020 Installation with ceramics, soap, led screen, tables and galvanized steel shelves Tables: 150 x 420 x 80.5 cm / 59 x 165 ⅜ x 31 ¾ in Shelves: 230 x 458.5 51.3 cm / 90 ½ x 180 ½ x 20 ¼ in

Ceramics of Oriental and African origin

2020 Ink for silkscreen on paper Unique 290 x 150 cm / 114 ⅛ x 59 in

Sara Ouhaddou (p.1986 Draguignan, France) is a French artist born into a traditional Moroccan family. This dual culture informs her practice as a continuous dialog. Ouhaddou strikes a balance between traditional Moroccan art forms and the conventions of contemporary art, aiming to reframe forgotten cultural realities.

Photo: Courtesy Sara Ouhaddou and Galerie Polaris (Paris)

Ouhaddou has participated in the exhibition ‘Moroccan Trilogy,’ Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid (2021); ‘Global Resistance,’ Centre Pompidou, Paris (2020); Manifesta 13, Marseille (2020); ‘Our World is Burning,’ Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2020); Islamic Arts Festival, Sharjah (2017 – 2018); ‘Craft becomes Modern,’ Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Germany (2017); and Marrakech Biennale, Morocco, (2016). She is represented by Polaris gallery, Paris.

‘After the Mediterranean,’ curated by Oriol Fontdevila, is on view until 29 October 2023.