Lily Wong

Lily Wong

Lily Wong

Lily Wong (b.1989 Seattle, WA) is a drawing and painting based artist with a background in printmaking. In 2021, she recently presented her second solo exhibition, I Wasn’t There, at Kapp Kapp (Philadelphia, PA) and will present a two person exhibition at Harper’s Chelsea (New York, NY) this July.

Double Consciousness

2021 Acrylic and collage on paper 72 x 47 cm / 30 x 18.5 in

My work centers around a reimagination of personhood at the moment it becomes undone. Often engaged in acts of close looking and intimate contact, the figures in my work occupy narratives that invoke a sense of anxiety around the constructs that structure and inscribe bodies. They probe at the way literal and metaphorical fracturings of the self influence the body’s relationship to pain, intimacy, desire, and structures of power. Elements of drama and fantasy are woven into vignettes that offer a glimpse into a fluctuating emotional landscape shaped by displacement, erasure, and yearning while articulating a disconnect between external presentation and private experience.


2021 Acrylic on paper 123 x 102 cm / 48 x 40 in

I Wasn’t There

2020 Acrylic on paper 56 x 72 cm / 22 x 30 in

Hunter MFA

This spring, the Hunter College MFA Program in Studio Art will graduate 26 artists who completed their degree over the challenging months of the COVID-19 pandemic. These talented MFA Thesis Candidates are exhibiting their work in six group exhibitions at 205 Hudson, in addition to this online spotlight hosted by Hauser & Wirth. At time when the public audience for in-person exhibitions has been limited by the pandemic, we are excited to provide this digital platform to the emerging artists from Hunter College’s MFA Program in Studio Art.