Laia Estruch

Kite 2

Kite 2

2023 Textile HDPE, loading polyester belt and steel tensing belt Overall dimensions: approx. 800 x 500 cm / 315 x 196 ⅞ in

Laia Estruch (b. 1981 Barcelona, Spain) is an artist whose work centers around the voice and the body, using both performance and sculpture. Her projects analyze the emotional possibilities of the a cappella voice and the non-dramatized body, opening a space for reflection on the performative nature of language, sound recording and oral archives.

Photo: Arnau Mata

Estruch has presented performances and works at MACBA, Barcelona; Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona; Fundació Joan Brossa, Barcelona; La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Barcelona; Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary - TBA21, Córdoba; Fundación Sandretto, Madrid; Galería Ehrhardt-Flórez, Madrid; Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia, León; Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao.

‘After the Mediterranean,’ curated by Oriol Fontdevila, is on view until 29 October 2023.