Huniti Goldox

Rising Up from Halite

Rising Up from Halite

2023 Video installation and mixed media 244 x 420 x 210 cm / 96 ⅛ x 165 ⅜ x 82 ⅝ in Loop: 10 minutes

Huniti Goldox is an artist collective consisting of Areej Huniti (b. 1989 Jordan) & Eliza Goldox (b. 1985, GDR), whose work is shaped by contextual examinations of geopolitical realities, marginalized oral histories and mythologies. In their research, they are interested in how political systems, transitions and violence affect bodies of water and landscapes.

Photo: Daniel Schäfer Video: Tramuntana Films

Their work has been exhibited and screened at Darat Al Funun, Amman; The MMAG Foundation & The Jordan National Gallery, Amman; Goethe Institute, Amman; SomoS Art House, Berlin; School Of Waters / Biennale Mediterranea, San Marino; Sheffield Film Festival, Sheffield; D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig; TBA Academy / Ocean Uni, Venice; Tirana Art Lab, Tirana; and Manifesta 14, Kosovo.

‘After the Mediterranean,’ curated by Oriol Fontdevila, is on view until 29 October 2023.