Nicolas Party

‘Throughout history, trees have been present in so many stories, legends, and religions. They are one of the most important elements in human culture.’—Nicolas Party

‘How many trees are being painted today? And how many trees are burning?’

In his latest paintings for ‘Canopy,’ abstracted, transitional forms invite viewers to consider the relevance of the landscape painting genre in a contemporary context, in a moment where the wonder of nature also provokes complex associations.

Party’s distinctive vision of the natural world derives equally from his relationship to the art historical canon and his childhood explorations in Switzerland, which instilled within him a deep love of nature’s endless arrays of color, pattern, and form.

Recalling his early experiences in the outdoors as they relate to the expansive effects of his new watercolors in ‘Canopy,’ he observed, ‘One of the first things that you draw as a child are trees…Trees are nature’s alphabets. The infinite flexibility of the visual language of the tree makes its execution endlessly playful.’

About the artist

Born in Lausanne in 1980, Party is a figurative painter who has achieved critical admiration for his familiar yet unsettling landscapes, portraits, and still lifes that simultaneously celebrate and challenge conventions of representational painting. His works are primarily created in soft pastel, an idiosyncratic choice of medium in the 21st-century, and one that allows for exceptional degrees of intensity and fluidity in his depictions of objects both natural and manmade.

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‘The infinite flexibility of the visual language of the tree makes its execution endlessly playful.’—Nicolas Party

Party will follow ‘Canopy’ with a commission from RxArt to create a 207-foot-long mural for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and a major survey exhibition at MASI Lugano is forthcoming.

Nicolas Party will donate 10% of his proceeds of the sale of works from this exhibition to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization, matching Hauser & Wirth’s commitment to support the Fund through donation of 10% of its gross profits from all online exhibitions, as part of the gallery’s ongoing #artforbetter initiative.

Nicolas Party, Trees, 2020 © Nicolas Party