Rita Ackermann
Works on Paper

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In support of The Wooster Group

‘The Wooster Group's mission of keeping their legacy alive for the next generation is one that is important not just to me, but to all artists.’

–Rita Ackermann

Rita Ackermann: Works on paper

Seamlessly uniting the diverse impulses of figuration and abstraction in this new series of works on paper, the Hungarian born, New York-based artist Rita Ackermann effortlessly distills timeless notions of genesis and destruction into a visual language rich in personal, familial, and ancestral significance. Through simultaneously employing illustrative and automatic drawing techniques, Ackermann has created a cacophony of expressive gestures evidencing the presence of her hand and the residue of her artistic spirit.

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Artist Choice Online Viewing Room

Rita Ackermann & The Wooster Group

Rita Ackermann has generously chosen to donate all proceeds from the sale of her new series of drawings to The Wooster Group, an avant-garde theater company in downtown Manhattan. This contribution will support the company’s ongoing campaign to keep their permanent space, called The Performing Garage, open at 33 Wooster Street.

Sine 1975, The Wooster Group has been creating boundary-defying performance work in theater, dance, and mixed media that speaks to their unyielding creativity of body, mind, and spirit. The inherent avant-gardism of the company and their radical experimentation, which undoubtedly helped launch the careers of actors like Willem Dafoe and Spalding Gray, have also necessitated that they contend with constant financial uncertainty. Ackermann’s support will enable them to continue their valuable work at The Performing Garage and around the world.