François Morellet: Rigorous Absurdity

A short film about the antic minimalism of François Morellet (1926–2016)

  • Jul 13, 2021

On the occasion of ‘La dation François Morellet,’ a new exhibition opening 9 June at Centre Pompidou featuring 18 key works by the foundational French minimalist, ‘Ursula’ magazine presents a career-spanning look at Morellet’s twists on the rigors of a weighty movement. The film is narrated by Alexandre Devals, the Director of the Venet Foundation in Le Muy, France, who was a friend to the artist.

‘What you see is not what you get with François Morellet’s work. Behind the seemingly stern and organized geometry lies a world of humor, inventive systems that favor chance and infinite plays with lines and words.’—Alexandre Devals