The Radar: Laila Gohar

Photo: Max Hoell. Courtesy Laila Gohar
29 Jan 2021

The renowned food artist shares a clip that’s stayed on her mind.

‘This is Francis Bacon’s last interview. A friend sent it to me early in the pandemic. I had it playing loudly, and heard it over and over for a couple days. Hearing an 82-year-old man contemplate what it means to be ‘great’ (if it means anything at all…) whilst realizing he probably doesn’t have much time left on earth is pretty special. I also really enjoy what he says about inspiration. People often throw around this word ‘inspiration’ and try to make linear associations between one thing and another. What inspires you? I hate this question. Bacon addresses inspiration in a much subtler yet poignant way.’—Laila Gohar


Francis Bacon interview broadcast 17 August 1991

Laila Gohar is a New York-based artist who explores food’s role in society.

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