London - 19 Nov 2019

Abstraction and Disruption: The White Review Panel Discussion

Our latest event in collaboration with The White Review took place on 19 November 2019 alongside Mark Bradford’s exhibition, ‘Cerberus’, at Hauser & Wirth London. This discussion brings together a panel of writers and critics who explore the potential for abstraction to disrupt and create new forms of expression, across visual and literary work.

Isobel Harbison is an art critic based in London. Her first book, Performing Image (MIT Press) was released in April 2019.

Adam Thirlwell has written three novels, Politics, The Escape, and Lurid & Cute; edited a project with international novelists called Multiples; and, most recently, wrote and directed a short film called Utopia. His work is translated into 30 languages.

Aurella Yussuf is a writer, curator and art historian specialising in Africa and the African Diaspora. She is a founding member of interdisciplinary research collective Thick/er Black Lines.

Ben Eastham is a London-based writer and editor. He is co-founder of The White Review and editor of Art Review.

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