Maria Sigma in her studio, 2022. Photo: Rocio Chacon
28 Nov 2022 - 9 Dec 2022

Maria Sigma

Hauser & Wirth Somerset is delighted to welcome Maria Sigma as our inaugural artist-maker-in-residence this fall. Sigma is an award-winning designer and weaver specializing in ethical hand-woven textiles for interiors. Her work celebrates a slow making ethic and ‘zero waste’ design, combining a contemporary approach to traditional weaving techniques and focusing on raw natural materials and texture.

Sigma studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design and since graduating in 2014 she has developed her own weaving practice in London. Sigma is the author of ‘Weaving: the Art of Sustainable Textile Creation’ (2020) and teacher of ‘Weaving From Waste’ workshops.

‘I strongly believe that the importance of weaving must be highlighted; fabrics reside in the everyday and inhabit almost every corner of a household; they create a boundary between us and nature, the culture of the body and the external world. They contribute in creating a sense of something familiar and beloved.’—Maria Sigma

The residency is in collaboration with Make Hauser & Wirth Somerset and will be accompanied by a series of community events and workshops, sharing Sigma’s specialist knowledge and inviting a broader dialogue around weaving practices. Make is a natural extension of the wider Hauser & Wirth gallery ethos – embracing art, craft, gardens, food and architecture. Since launching in 2018 in Somerset, Make has presented work by over 80 artist-makers and provided valuable insights into material-led processes and the rich narratives of their practices. Works exhibited by Make embrace material truth, provenance, sustainability and the value of emotional engagement with the handmade.

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