Oudolf Field, Hauser & Wirth Somerset. Photo: Jason Ingram

Write Now: A New Writer’s Residency in Partnership With ArtReview

30 January 2024

We are proud to announce ‘Write Now,’ a new writer’s residency at Hauser & Wirth Somerset, in partnership with ArtReview, which will take place in parallel to an ongoing program of artist residencies that have been running since 2013.

Taking place from 29 April to 13 May 2024, the residency offers a unique opportunity to learn about the work and process of resident artists, as well as engaging with the natural environment and local community that surrounds Hauser & Wirth Somerset. The residency program therefore offers the chance to engage with culture, nature, human and non-human environments.

As well as access to resident artists, the writer-in-residence will be mentored by ArtReview’s editorial team. The mentorship will take the form of two in-person sessions dedicated to shaping the course of research and the outcome of the project. The writer will also benefit from mentorship provided by Hauser & Wirth, with guidance and support from the gallery’s team.

Writers will be expected to host at least one public presentation or workshop on their project in Somerset and their approach to writing as a creative practice more generally. The event may take the form of a creative session, or a public discussion but will need to be accessible to a general audience of all ages for the local community.

At the end of the residency residents will be expected to produce a written text of up to 1200 words. The text will be published on artreview.com but may be delivered in the form of a spoken-word podcast, a video narrative, or a lecture–performance subject to the agreement of the organizers.

The Maltings Studio, Hauser & Wirth Somerset. Photo: Jamie Woodley

About Hauser & Wirth Residencies
Since 2013, Hauser & Wirth Somerset has supported an immersive artist-in-residence program, facilitating 44 residencies in total, including 31 individual artists alongside a breadth of learning initiatives and return visits. Residencies are the outcome of Iwan & Manuela Wirth and Marc Payot’s unique approach to fostering new opportunities for artists, both emerging and established, in addition to the gallery’s broader creative community. The location specific residency has no prescribed outcome but instead provides artists, curators and students with time and space for reflection, research and production. This extended period of time allows for a deeper connection with the local community, surrounding landscape and unique history of the area. All participants are encouraged to contribute to a continuous creative hub, characterised by our learning activities, including collaborative community events and workshops that allow for broader access to their work and wider practice.

Learn more about Hauser & Wirth’s residency program.