Your Guide to Frieze Week in Los Angeles

13 February 2024

This month’s presentation at Frieze Los Angeles coincides with new exhibitions by Catherine GoodmanJason RhoadesPat Steir and our West Coast continuation of RETROaction

Join us for openings and events throughout the week:

Jenny Holzer Collaborates With Young Creatives From Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles

1 September 2023

On the occasion of renowned American artist Jenny Holzer’s exhibition ‘READY FOR YOU WHEN YOU ARE’ on view in West Hollywood and part of Hauser & Wirth’s ongoing learning initiatives, the artist collaborated with Inner-City Arts, an organization investing in the youth of Los Angeles by providing them access to the arts.

GRUPPENAUSSTELLUNG Outdoor Sculpture Unveiled in Somerset

2 June 2023

As part of Somerset’s ‘GRUPPENAUSSTELLUNG’ exhibition, a new open-air sculpture presentation is interspersed throughout the site, featuring major works by Hauser & Wirth artists. The multidisciplinary exhibition is inspired by the notion of a traditional Kunsthalle, conceived as a place to showcase groundbreaking art and explore contemporary issues with a broad audience. The entire site takeover provides a platform for discovery and interaction.

HURT EARTH by Jenny Holzer

25 November 2021

A powerful new public artwork by Jenny Holzer, ‘HURT EARTH,’ will illuminate UK landmarks from 29 October 2021, drawing attention to the climate crisis and coinciding with COP26, the 26th annual United Nations summit on climate change.

Ackermann, Barlow, Holzer, and Rottenberg in Art Basel OVR:2020

18 September 2020

Focusing on four outstanding artists, our Art Basel OVR:2020 presentation features a total of 24 works, each live to view for 24 hours only. The paintings and drawings by Rita Ackermann, Phyllida Barlow, Jenny Holzer, and Mika Rottenberg give a unique insight into the work that each artist has created over recent months and the themes which emerge from this period of intense creative focus. Contact us for more details about works featured in our OVR:2020 presentation.

Announcing ‘Artists for New York’

10 September 2020

We are thrilled to introduce ‘Artists for New York’, a major initiative to raise funds in support of a group of pioneering non-profit visual arts organizations across New York City that have been profoundly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


19 April 2020

A Limited-Edition Benefit Print features one of the artist's iconic ‘Truisms’, relaying a timely message that speaks to the global health and environmental crises we are navigating today.

Battle lines: artist Jenny Holzer proves that words are weapons

8 February 2019

For nearly four decades, the American artist Jenny Holzer has put unexpected things into unlikely locations. She has projected verses of poetry onto the banks of the Tiber in Rome; relayed slogans across the electronic billboards in New York’s Times Square (‘Protect me from what I want,’ said one); inscribed tales of human cruelty onto human skin in ink made of blood; and in her earliest days, used everything from T-shirts to condom packets to disseminate texts all around the city. ‘Men don’t protect you anymore,’ cautioned the prophylactic boxes in 1985.

Jenny Holzer: Words of Conflict

8 March 2018

Jenny Holzer has put words in unexpected places for nearly 40 years. Her texts have been flyposted across buses and boats, flashed across electronic billboards and, when she was the first woman to represent the US at the Venice Biennale in 1990, engraved into the US Pavilion’s marble floor.