Cindy Sherman’s Exhibition Inspires Workshop for Young Creatives

9 December 2022

A full-day workshop for professional development and community learning

Celebrating ‘Cindy Sherman. 1977 – 1982,’ and as part of the gallery’s global learning initiatives, Hauser & Wirth Downtown Los Angeles hosted an exciting workshop on 19 November 2022, in collaboration with Las Fotos Project, an organization dedicated to elevating the voices of teenage girls and gender-expressive youth from communities of color through photography and mentorship.

Las Fotos Project, young creatives workshop participant. Photo: Sarah M Golonka | smg-photography

‘Our programs forge connections with key arts institutions and community groups that seek to provide access for all. The opportunity with Las Fotos Project, inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman demonstrates how learning from our artists can enrich the careers of younger artists.’—Debbie Hillyerd, Senior Director Learning

The day-long workshop provided participants with the opportunity to learn about the work of Cindy Sherman, focusing on her current exhibition and how young creatives could further develop their own photography practice and creative careers. The day began with an insight into marketing and an exercise to explore a hypothetical creative brief, centered around our global learning mission ‘Art Changes Lives,’ which allowed the group to ideate upon a singular message and outline a storyboard. The next activities focused on best CV practices for arts professionals led by our People & Culture, Marketing and Events staff. Followed by a tour of the exhibition ‘Cindy Sherman. 1977 – 1982,’ led by our Learning and Gallery Assistant Teams. The group discussed Sherman's practice while drawing parallels to modern-day photography disciplines and how Sherman's work often positions the single female figure as either a hero or an opposed anti-hero figure.

Celina Anderson, Gallery Assistant leading a walkthrough of ‘Cindy Sherman. 1977 – 1982.’ Photo: Sarah M Golonka | smg-photography

Las Fotos Project young creatives participants & Eugenia Sevilla, Learning Assistant. Photo: Sarah M Golonka | smg-photography.

Participants had lunch with gallery staff and learned about opportunities for career development. The last workshop focused on professional photography skills including photographing installations, lighting, and composition. This led to discussions on the differences between being an in-house photographer compared to working as an independent freelance photographer. The workshop presented a rich insight into the operations of a contemporary art gallery, giving a new perspective for how our local community can engage with our artists and exhibitions in the future.

View the digital showcase of the workshop participants’ artworks in the below carousel:

‘The day was filled with all the activities and helpful advice with no judgement, which gave me the boost of freedom on my artwork. Learning about the film stills of Cindy Sherman intrigued me a lot. Being first generation, it was great to learn more about female photographers but to able to see her film prints in person was an honorable and amazing experience.’ —Jax Emerging Artist Workshop Participant

Las Fotos Project, young creatives workshop participants speaking to Director Sarvia Jasso. Photo: Sarah M Golonka | smg-photography

Las Fotos Project, young creatives workshop participant lighting demonstration with photographer Keith Lubow. Photo: Sarah M Golonka | smg-photography

‘As a Las Fotos Project student currently exploring creative careers, I'm very grateful for the experience I had at Hauser & Wirth. I especially enjoyed the CV/resume workshop and the gallery walk/discussions regarding Cindy Sherman's work. Throughout the workshop, I learned about various careers and roles in the creative industry as well as insight on my own path as an artist. Being in a space with other folks who understand the power and impact of art was inspiring and only further encouraged me to take up space in the creative industry.’—Michelle, Emerging Artist Workshop Participant

About Las Fotos Project Las Fotos Project’s Offers year-round programming, where students are given access to professional cameras, quality instruction and mentors who encourage them to explore their identity, build leadership and advocacy skills, and strengthen their social and emotional well-being.

Las Fotos Project Community Engagement opportunities connect people like yourself who would like to facilitate a photography-based activity, provide talks or partner on other activities for youth interested in exploring their creativity through photography.

If you are interested in being a guest speaker, workshop facilitator and sharing your experiences and talents—or would like to partner with Las Fotos, click the link below to be added to their community list.

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