‘Beyond Nature’ will be open from Friday 20 – Saturday 28 May 2022 at Hauser & Wirth London

May 9, 2022

Beyond Nature: A Presentation by Make at Hauser & Wirth London

In a special presentation by Make Hauser & Wirth, a collective of established artist-makers showcase new and evolving notions of place and material investigation through an expressive response to nature and landscape.

Spanning disciplines from wood to ceramic, resin and textiles, the exhibition evokes the interconnected relationship between people, the natural environment and process. Works include the ceramic forms of Akiko Hirai alive with movement and surface texture; Marcin Rusak explores themes of ephemerality and beauty, preserving flora and organic materials encased within exquisite resin vessels and artworks; David Gates investigates the vernacular of the agricultural building through the form of the collecting cabinet and Katie Spragg creates porcelain sculptures that reveal the complex narratives between plants and humankind. Unique responses that attest to the diversity of contemporary craft practice.

Featured artist-makers include Akiko Hirai, Alexander deVol, David Gates, Helen Carnac, Katie Spragg, Marcin Rusak, Mark Reddy, Matthew Day Jackson, Nic Webb and Sophie Rowley.

Installation View, ‘Beyond Nature,’ Hauser & Wirth London, 2022

Installation View, ‘Beyond Nature,’ Hauser & Wirth London, 2022

Coinciding with our presentation in London, ‘Five Seasons’ at Hauser & Wirth Somerset will run from Friday 15 April - Saturday 11 June 2022. The event presents new multidisciplinary work by six artist-makers, each responding to the garden designer Piet Oudolf’s unique planting philosophy and celebration of the natural world. Distinct works ranging from landscapes in porcelain, elemental forms in wood and metal, to hand-woven tapestries and found objects, reveal a search for something sacred from the ordinary.

Make Hauser & Wirth is a destination for contemporary making and the crafted object, committed to showcasing the best emerging and established artist-makers in the UK and internationally. The gallery is a natural extension of Hauser & Wirth Somerset in the UK and the wider gallery ethos, embracing art, craft, gardens, food and architecture.

The ‘Beyond Nature’ presentation will be open from Friday 20 – Saturday 28 May 2022 at Hauser & Wirth London. Join us for the Opening Reception on Thursday 19 May 2022.