18 May 2021

Shade × Hauser & Wirth: Silas Munro

Unencumbered Voices in Curated Spaces: Inspired by the life & work of Sir Frank Bowling

The first episode in a special series of conversations from Shade, supported by Hauser & Wirth, is with Silas Munro—LA-based critic, writer and partner of graphic design studio Polymode.

‘Unencumbered Voices in Curated Spaces: Inspired by the life & work of Sir Frank Bowling’ is a three-part podcast series, providing a collaborative platform for diverse perspectives investigating freedom of expression today and throughout art history. Hosted by Lou Mensah, Shade engages a wide community of creatives across disciplines, who have challenged existing narratives on representation and identity within their work.

Silas Munro’s past collaborations include the City of LA Mayor’s Office, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Mark Bradford at the Venice Biennale, and MoMA. Munro’s writing appears in the book, ‘W. E. B. Du Bois’s Data Portraits: Visualizing Black America’ published by Princeton Architectural Press. He has been a visiting critic at MICA, RISD, and Yale. Munro is Founding Faculty and Chair Emeritus at Vermont College of Fine Arts. 

‘To be connected to legacies of expression, of creativity, that show it’s possible that anyone can be an artist, and thrive at it, especially people who have been historically marginalized, is what really helps me show up.’—Silas Munro 


Discover more conversations from Shade podcast including previous collaborations with South London Gallery. ‘Unencumbered Voices in Curated Spaces: Inspired by the life & work of Sir Frank Bowling’ is produced and hosted by Lou Mensah of Shade, supported by Hauser & Wirth.  

Founded in 2014, Polymode is a studio that leads the edge of contemporary graphic design through poetic research, learning experiences, and making cool shit for clients in the cultural sphere, innovative businesses, and community-based organizations.

‘Frank Bowling. London / New York’ is on view Hauser & Wirth New York, 22nd Street from 5 May and Hauser & Wirth London from 21 May 2021. 

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