Student during a school visit to Rashid Johnson’s exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Somerset in 2017

New education partnership with South London Gallery

12 November 2020

We are delighted to announce the next phase of our support of the South London Gallery (SLG) to deliver their schools’ program for young learners.

In a new year-long initiative, Hauser & Wirth will be working with the institution, based in Peckham south London, on their expanded learning program of contemporary arts and creative thinking.

Providing opportunities for learning and participation is at the heart of the SLG’s purpose, and thousands of children, young people and adults take part in an extensive program of activities.

‘We recognize the value of accessibility to the arts for all, and SLG's education team has facilitated the opportunity for us to share our exhibitions with young learners,’ says Manuela Wirth, Hauser & Wirth President. ‘Our support of SLG is part of Hauser & Wirth’s wider education and schools outreach program.

Our galleries provide an exciting space to share international art of quality and ambition with learners of all ages.’ Hauser & Wirth’s own education team has partnered with SLG to develop a core strand of the institution’s schools program, sharing ideas and exhibition resources to bring an expanded learning program into conversations with schools in south London.

A new set of free resources for young learners responding to our current Rashid Johnson exhibition at Hauser & Wirth in London, are now available to download here on the SLG website.

‘We are delighted to be able to extend the scope and impact of our schools’ program through this innovative partnership with Hauser & Wirth.’ —Margot Heller, SLG Director

Workshop at SLG with Debbie Hillyerd, Director of Education at Hauser & Wirth. Photo: Polly Braden

Mark Bradford workshop at SLG with students of Harris Girls Academy, 2019. Photo: Polly Braden

The materials are freely available to teachers and families and will be accompanied by a series of workshops delivered as remote learning to primary schools in south London.

As part of the partnership, in 2021 SLG will be working with artists to deliver workshops in south London schools. This project follows a series of workshops held in 2019 including school visits to Mark Bradford’s exhibition ‘Cerberus’ at Hauser & Wirth in London.

‘We are delighted to be able to extend the scope and impact of our schools’ program through this innovative partnership with Hauser & Wirth’, says Margot Heller, SLG Director. ‘Lockdown has been hugely challenging for children and young people so we are pleased to launch a new program of bespoke activities offering contemporary art-focused resources for schools, teachers and families over the coming months.’

Hauser & Wirth is committed to public engagement programs that aim to instigate a dialogue between the works on view and a diverse audience. We present dynamic family, youth, and adult programs inspired by the gallery’s artists, including specialist and curator-led talks, seminars, and screenings.