Hauser & Wirth Somerset Win The Big Draw’s Museum and Gallery Award

20 June 2019

The Big Draw is the world’s biggest annual drawing festival that takes place across schools, libraries, museums, artists groups, local councils, community centers and other organizations. Hauser & Wirth Somerset is proud to have been awarded ‘The Museums & Galleries Award’ in the international Big Draw Festival Awards 2018.

The theme for the Big Draw in 2018 was ‘PLAY’. Fili Harrington, a MA Curation student on work placement from the University of the West of England worked closely with Hauser & Wirth Somerset’s Director of Education, Debbie Hillyerd, to organize a series of events in response to the exhibition, ‘Takesada Matsutani. drop in time’. The events involved over 200 people, and were aimed at families, schools and adults by hosting dedicated schools days, workshops and a special Family Saturday.

The Gutai movement and its radical approaches to performance, body and matter is a great influence in the work of Matsutani, and was the focus of the interpretation of ‘PLAY’. Experimental, collaborative and time-based activities allowed participants to explore the notion of drawing in its widest context from tondos to salt installations. Attendees also had the opportunity to make their own ink and try their hand at traditional calligraphy and ink stones.

Since opening in 2014, The Big Draw has been a key event within Hauser & Wirth Somerset’s education program. Every year, the team work hard to organize interactive activities in relation to the Big Draw’s theme as well as the exhibition on view at the gallery. The festival represents what lies at the heart of the rich and varied Education program at Hauser & Wirth Somerset. To be recognized for innovation, audience engagement, an imaginative use of materials, engaging with the local community and the quality of the final work produced is a great achievement for the team and something the gallery is extremely proud of.

For 2019, the Big Draw’s theme is ‘Drawn to Life’, focusing on the vital role of creativity for our health and wellbeing. As ‘social prescribing’ gains greater recognition as an effective tool for living a healthier and happier life, creating opportunities for accessible, fun and creative events has become more important than ever.

–The Big Draw is an arts education charity that promotes visual literacy and the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention. The charity supports professional and emerging artists through The John Ruskin Prize and exhibition, and regular events, awards and competitions create platforms for each and everyone who wants to draw. 

Hauser & Wirth Somerset offer group tours, talks and tailored events for individuals, schools, families and special interest and outreach groups. For more information visit here or email