(Left) Kirsty Claxton. Photo: Jonty Bewley (Right) Justin Serulneck. Photo: Jinal Sangoi

Post-MFA Residency Exchange 2019 Participants Announced

10 May 2019

We are delighted to announce that Kirstin Claxton and Justin Serulneck have been chosen to take part in the 2019 Hauser & Wirth Residency Exchange for post-MFA students.

The residency program launched in 2017, and is designed to support emerging artists affiliated with Bath Spa University and the California Institute for the Arts (CalArts). The two educational institutions, local to Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles and Hauser & Wirth Somerset respectively, offer spaces to the students to live and work for an intensive short-term period. The initiative aims to foster conditions for reflection, research and critical debate by encouraging independent work. It will also provide the students with support through contact with academics, curators and artists, as well as the opportunity to engage with, and benefit from, the community and local activities at the respective galleries.

Kirsty Claxton, Stealing the Light from the Institution, 2019

Justin Serulneck, Regência to Bento Rodrigues, 2018

Kirstin Claxton is undergoing an M.A. in Curatorial Practice at Bath Spa University and will be participating in the residency at CalArts this Summer. Her work explores institutional critique through practice based research and collaborative enquiry with research group, Larks and Ravens. She uses methodologies of occupation, embodiment and inhabitation to create physical and symbolic contexts to trigger conversations and playfully disrupt environments to see and experience the world differently. Justin Serulneck is an MFA candidate in Photography & Media and Film/Video at California Institute of the Arts and will be based at Bath School of Art & Design, Bath Spa University, UK for the duration of the program. Utilising documentary and improvisational practices, Serulneck’s work explores site, temporality, catastrophe, labor, leisure, economy, spectacle, and their relation to the psyche.