Mark Wallinger. Photo: John Nguyen

Mark Wallinger’s ‘One World’ Inspired by First World War Christmas Truce

24 December 2018

One World is a new work by Mark Wallinger co-commissioned by Liverpool Biennial and 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary.

Inspired by the famous Christmas truce of 1914, when British, French, and German soldiers emerged from the trenches and met in No Man’s Land to exchange gifts and play football, Wallinger has transformed the football into a globe of the world, taking his inspiration from the celebrated image of the Earth taken during the Apollo 8 lunar orbit on 24 December 1968. Captured at the moment of earthrise 50 years ago, it is an iconic image depicting a peaceful planet floating in the vastness of space.

British and German troops meet in No Man's Land, 1914

Mark Wallinger's One World ball at Nottingham Forest's City Ground

In partnership with organisations including the EFL Trust, Sport England, the Football Foundation, Sport Northern Ireland and sportscotland, a limited edition of the One World football was released in November to community football projects across the UK, with the simple request to each person to upload their own #OneWorld video in response to Wallinger’s call for action. Mark Wallinger said: ‘It is 100 years since the Armistice was agreed in 1918, and 50 years since the iconic Earthrise photograph was taken on Christmas Eve 1968; an image of a fragile world without borders. Let's celebrate how football can unite us.’ Learn more about One World by Mark Wallinger