Storylines: Rashid Johnson

25 January 2018

Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim

Rashid Johnson and curator Katherine Brinson discuss artworks by Johnson included in 'Storylines: Contemporary Art at the Guggenheim', an exhibition that presents over 100 works from the Guggenheim’s collection.

Johnson shares the story behind the creation of 'The New Black Yoga' (2011), a short film that depicts an enigmatic scenario in which five African-American men perform choreographed movements on a deserted beach.

The artist and Brinson also talk about the making of 'Cosmic Slop 'Bitter'' (2015), a two-dimensional black monochrome created from wax mixed with a black West African soap, and 'The Ritual' (2015), an installation that features found objects including books, a vinyl record, and a sculpture made by the artist’s wife.