A Living Line

25 Feb - 15 Apr 2023

Wed – Sat, 10 am – 1 pm and 2 – 4 pm

Make, Somerset

‘It is striking how this landscape is so vast but lush, the colors shift in different light and weather conditions. In direct light the scree would turn an almost luminous violet, contrasting to the warm mauve of the heather below. When it rained the mist created a veil, desaturating the color and blending out the edges of the mountains against the sky’.—Hayley McCrirrick


‘A Living Line’ reflects an intimate, meditative approach to making, with a focus on color, tone and texture. Explorations in wood, textile and clay reveal subtle relationships between each of the artist-makers and their personal sources of inspiration. Deep connections to place and landscape emerge in the works in clay by ceramicist Nancy Fuller and the rich colours of the Cairngorms are vividly evoked in the textile pieces by Hayley McCrirrick. Family heritage guides the ceramic practice of Luke Eastop and Takahashi McGil, which in turn, relates to the dual cultural influences of Nancy Fuller. The makers celebrate traditional techniques whilst evolving their material knowledge to create a timeless yet contemporary narrative.

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