Opens on Fri 17 Sep 18 Sep - 13 Nov 2021 Make, Somerset


This autumn three artist-makers will present new bodies of work that push material boundaries, and further explore contemporary craft practice. Harry Morgan exploits the properties of opposites, through the juxtaposition of fragile glass and immutable concrete; Adam Buick submits his ceramic jars to the forces at play in the kiln; Nic Webb works with the dynamic energy of wood and the unpredictability of clay. Through acts of intervention and manipulation, the exhibition illustrates an evolving dialogue and interplay between material and maker. The periphery of a work, how it occupies space together with its physical substance are in turn explored and challenged, searching for points of connection, dissonance and possibility.

Adam Buick
Drawing upon his longstanding interest and knowledge of geology, Adam Buick unearths not only the physical resources for his jars but inspiration for their aesthetic. The way he observes, experiences and understands landscape is reflected in the embellishment of their surfaces and the materials within. Taking inspiration from the form of the Korean moon jar, Buick’s thrown and coiled interpretations play with scale and the introduction of locally sourced clays and organic materials. The unpredictable character of each jar comes from these natural elements and their metamorphosis during the firing process. For this exhibition, Buick has made a series of pieces that reflect these ongoing geological influences and the material tension that he seeks to exploit.

Harry Morgan
Harry Morgan’s approach to making fluctuates between the use of intuition, geometry and material expression. His work is characterized by its unexpected marrying of materials and experimental approach to traditional processes. Morgan’s work challenges both the physical and cultural connotations of his chosen materials, reimagining the ancient craft of Venetian glassblowing technique, ‘murrini’. For ‘Rift’ Morgan has drawn influence from Eduardo Chillida’s sculptural practice, referencing the use of earth-like textures, primal forms and contrasting tones. Alongside his concrete and glass sculptures, Morgan will present a series of wall-pieces and examples from his new body of concrete works with iron inclusions. These new material investigations continue his exploration of industrial materials and our conflicting relationship with the built environment.

Nic Webb
Nic Webb’s practice reflects his beliefs surrounding our relationship with the natural world and the integrity of his highly personal material engagement. Employing experimental and traditional techniques and processes, he works in dialogue with hewn, carved and manipulated wood. Webb celebrates and interrogates its inherent characteristics – the grain, cracks, fissures and flaws, revealed through intuitive action and intervention, often using flame and elemental forces. For ‘Rift’, Webb continues to explore the interconnectedness of form and surface, the interior and exterior with new iterations in both wood and clay. Working with respect and in harmony with his organic materials, Webb examines our coexistence with nature whilst prompting us to consider the vulnerability of our relationship with the world around us.

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