The Impossibility of Repetition

8 May - 3 Jul 2021

Opens on Fri 7 May, 4 – 8 pm

Make, Somerset


Human existence is based on the pulse of repetition; the beat of a heart, the rhythm of the day, the cycle of seasons, though these innate relationships are strained in modern life. For the ceramicist, making can be contemplative; there is solace in the creating of an object, remaking, and refining. With each reiteration comes a relaxed fluency and accomplished confidence, an increasing sensitivity to subtle variations. To the human eye there appears an exactness, but can a form, surface texture or decoration be replicated with precision? With each individual act of making, the mood of the maker will shift, the time, place and moment of creation will have changed. The earth has turned. What does a maker seek to discover or express through repetition, both in dialogue with their material and the whims of the firing process? ‘The Impossibility of Repetition’ brings together the work of three ceramicists, Florian Gadsby, Jin Eui Kim and Jaejun Lee, for whom the virtues and importance of repetition are fundamental to their practice.

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