In The Artist's Kitchen

17 September - 11 December 2016

Hauser & Wirth

On the occasion of the opening of Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles' new restaurant, Manuela, the Book & Printed Matter Lab is pleased to offer a taste of avant-garde efforts to marry art and food in the 1960s and 1970s. From Pop art to Fluxus, Happenings, and Conceptualism, artists in Europe and the United States transformed otherwise banal, everyday sustenance into images, objects, performances, and communal experiences – which are, by turns, tantalizing and grotesque, self-serious and playful. This presentation, organized by art historian Andrea Gyorody, brings together books, magazines, photographs, ephemera, and facsimiles, illustrating what we might now recognize as the rich pre-history of 1990s relational aesthetics and the countless contemporary projects that feed our gastronomic obsessions.

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